YouTube Channels Guaranteed to Tickle Your Funny Bone ...

By Sabrina

YouTube Channels Guaranteed to Tickle Your Funny Bone ...

YouTube is a great place to waste time, isn't it? There are so many hilarious YouTube channels that always brighten my mood, so I'd love to share them with you! If you haven't seen these YouTube channels before, it's time to see what you've been missing.

1 NigaHiga

Ryan Higa has been in the YouTube game for a long time! But he still posts frequently, and his videos never get old. From parodies, to rants, to social experiments like this one, Ryan's YouTube videos are always guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

2 College Humor

You will fall in love with this YouTube channel regardless of whether you're in college, high school, or beyond! I'm sure you'll find some videos to relate to, and relatable videos are always the funniest. This channel is often blunt and daring, but in the best way! After ten seconds of a video, it will have you laughing out loud.

3 JimmyKimmelLive

I've always been a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel! I love his YouTube channel as much as his show—if not more because it’s available 24/7! He has some of the wackiest videos that demonstrate how creative he truly his. He could put a comedic twist on anything, which is why anyone would love his channel.

4 Buzzfeed Yellow

Buzzed Yellow is one of the funniest Buzzed channels! It's witty and edgy, and often discusses "hush hush" topics. And when they do, you still can't help but laugh! There are no boundaries Buzzed Yellow won't pass, but they also have more PG videos like this one. So no matter what your sense of humor is, you can always find something you love on Buzzfeed Yellow!

5 Whatever

If you like pranks then you should subscribe to Whatever right away! It's a YouTube channel filled with some of the craziest pranks you'll ever see! It's wildly entertaining and incredibly addictive. Plus, you may even get inspired for some pranks to try on your family and friends!

6 Adult Wednesday Addams

My personal favorite is Adult Wednesday Addams, but maybe that's because I have a strange sense of humor... But even if you aren't as morbid as I am, I'm sure you'll love this YouTube channel, which features Wednesday Addams all grown up and dealing with everything in the real world, from annoying catcallers, to one night stands, to work drama, and everything in between! All in a manner that would make her parents very proud!

7 GloZell Green

Glozell Green will try ANYTHING. Literally, anything! If a challenge pops up in social media, she records herself doing it and her reaction is always to die for. She takes things to the extreme, and it's almost scary, but more than anything it's hilarious!

There's never a reason to be bored when there are so many amazing YouTube channels to subscribe to that will tickle your funny bone! Are you already a fan on any of these YouTubers? Which new channels piqued your interest the most?

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I don't understand how PewDiePie is funny. He really isnt

Tyler Oakley? Pewds? Smosh? The Fine Bros? SA Wardega? ShaneDawson?

Jenna marbles and good mythical morning too!

What about Pewdiepie and also cinnamontoastken?They are funny too.


HA Tyrone !!!

You forgot about Miranda Sings!!!

I love Miranda Sings! For sketch comedy by and for women look up "Abbey Howe" channel

What about Bradley Walsh on The Chase? Hysterical.

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