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Youtube isn't just fun to watch with your boyfriend, but it's also a great place to get ideas for games to play with your boyfriend. Most of them don't require you to plan ahead at all, so you can play them whenever the mood strikes. As long as you two are able to laugh at yourselves, you'll have a great time. Here are some of the best YouTube inspired challenges for you and your boyfriend to play together on your next date:

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The Dress up Challenge

Are you ready to embarrass your boyfriend? This challenge requires you each to pick out a few outfits from your closet for the other person to wear. It'll probably be easy for you, because you'll get to strut around in loose jeans and comfy hoodies. But don't be afraid to make it hard on your boyfriend by giving him dresses and rompers.


How Well do You Know Each Other?

Before you begin the game, you two should come up with a set of questions about yourselves. Ask your boyfriend what your favorite color is, who your first kiss was, and what your childhood pet's name was. If your boyfriend gives the wrong answer, you get to smash him in the face with a plate of whipped cream.


My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag

Your boyfriend probably doesn't realize how much talent it takes to apply your makeup in the morning. That's why you should give him all of your tools and ask him to put them on your face. Don't give him any hints or tell him what the products are meant to do. Just let him do what he thinks is right.


Not My Arms Challenge

You might've seem a game like this on Whose Line is it Anyway? All you need is an oversized teeshirt for one of you to wear while the other one puts their hands through the arm holes. Then you need to perform basic tasks while stuck together.


This hilarious and often chaotic challenge requires a couple to work as a team, testing coordination and communication. Imagine one person attempting to eat, apply makeup, or even do a puzzle with their partner's hands! It's a surefire way to share laughs and maybe even learn a thing or two about your partner's quirks. As the "arms" struggle to see what they're doing, the person wearing the shirt must give clear instructions and trust their partner's hands. The results are often comical, making for an unforgettable bonding experience and great video content.


What’s in My Mouth Challenge

This challenge requires you to blindfold your partner. Then you should grab some random items for him to put in his mouth (that aren't dangerous for him to taste or swallow). See how long it takes him to guess what the item is. When he's finished, it's your turn to wear the blindfold and do the guessing.


Try Not to Laugh Challenge

If you and your partner always make each other laugh, you won't have any trouble with this silly game. All you have to do is place water in your mouth. Then your partner should try to make you laugh hard enough to spit it out. (Skip ahead to 6:30 to watch Zoey and Alfie play the game themselves).


Conjoined Twin Challenge

Here's another game that requires you to share a teeshirt. However, this time you're each going to have one arm coming out of one hole, like conjoined twins. Then you need to do as many tasks as you can while stuck together.

The next time you two can't figure out what to do, try playing one of these games. You can even record yourselves playing and upload the video to YouTube. What other games have you and your partner played together lately?

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