Youtube Inspired Party Games to Play ...

By Holly

Youtube Inspired Party Games to Play ...

You don't have to sit around and watch Youtubers have fun with their friends when you could be having fun with your own friends. If you don't have any fun ideas planned, then you can always borrow ideas from your favorite videos. You don't have to film yourselves playing, but it could add to the fun. Here are a few of the most entertaining YouTube inspired games to play with your pals:

1 7 Second Challenge

This game requires you to be creative. All you have to do is grab a friend and ask them to do a few silly things in only seven seconds. If you can't come up with anything, some of the most common requests are "invent a new word and give me its definition" and "do a somersault." Of course, you can ask them to do anything that you'd like.

2 The Whisper Challenge

This is a twist on the classic game Telephone. All you need is a few pairs of headphones and some loud music to go along with them. Each of you should put on a pair of those headphones and then try to tell each other something silly. By the time the words get from the first person to the last person, you should have yourselves an even funnier sentence that makes little sense.

3 Touch My Body Challenge

This game requires a blindfold, but a scarf or a tie will work just fine. After one person gets blindfolded, other partygoers must grab the blindfolded person's hand and make them touch an area of their body (remember to stay appropriate). Then the blindfolded person must guess what their finger is touching.

4 Name One Game

You can play this game like Hot Potato by grabbing an object and tossing it back and fourth. Set a timer, so that the loser is the person holding the object when the buzzer goes off. All you have to do is name something, like a puppy, and ask the next person to name one puppy. Then they'll name a breed of dog, such as a "hot dog dog," and ask the next person to name one type of hot dog, like Oscar Mayer. The rules are pretty easy, but it'll help to watch the video to see how it looks in action.

5 The Household Makeup Challenge

This game is for girls who aren't afraid to get messy. You have to grab five items from around the house (that aren't actual makeup products) and then put them on your face. You'll want to shower afterwords, but at least you'll look silly and make everyone laugh.

6 Innuendo Bingo

If you want to play this game, you'll have to prepare ahead of time. You need to find a bunch of different clips from Youtube, from movies, or from songs that sound slightly sexual. Then you need to fill your mouth with water and see if you can make it through the sound clip without spitting it all over your friends.

7 Tin Can Challenge

Here's a challenge for all of you Fear Factor fans. First, you need to buy a bunch of different cans and remove their labels. Then you need to number them and write those same numbers on slips of paper. Now, you should take turns picking numbers out of a hat. Eat whichever can that corresponds to the number you've chosen. It's that simple.

It's time to grab your friends and have some fun! What's your favorite game to watch Youtubers play?

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The charlie charlie challenge lol

Jelly bean game one is bad and other is good see what your friend gets it's fun to play

What about Twister?

the Suggs rule :)

I'm loving that the first one is AmazingPhils creation

It's pretty much the Suggs that came up with everything 😂

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