18 Bathroom Convos That Every Drunk Girl Has Had ...


The powder room is always an interesting place. I don't know what guys do in the bathroom, but there's a certain level of bonding in the women's room. Well, maybe โ€œbondingโ€ is the wrong word, but we're more inclined to talk, to ask for TP or tampons, and to generally interact with each other. The bathroom at a club or a bar, however, that's next-level. The girls tend to be tipsy in those bathrooms, which makes the whole experience kind of celebratory and often hilarious. It's all champagne bubbles and sisterhood, and as a result, we have the same silly, slurring conversations. Pee breaks and makeup checks have the potential to end in lifelong friendships!

1. โ€œGirl, I Love Your Nails!โ€

โ€œGirl, I Love Your Nails!โ€

This typically leads to volleying the same compliment back and forth, followed by an exchange of numbers โ€“ not personal numbers, though. Manicurists' numbers, usually.

โ€œYou're Sooo Pretty!โ€
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