9 Funny Replies for when the Teacher Calls on You ...


Don't you hate when the teacher calls on you when you don't know the answer?

Not only is it embarrassing, but it can make you feel like you're not as smart as everyone else in the room.

It's a crummy feeling that can make you dread coming back to school the next day.2

In order to avoid that sinking feeling, here are a few funny replies that you can use the next time that the teacher calls on you and you have no idea how to answer the question:

1. Don't You Already Know?

Why is the teacher even asking you a question if she already knows the answer?

It's pretty pretentious of her.

She should just give the answer herself if she's as smart as she claims she is.2

2. I Have Bigger Problems to Worry about

Don't feel bad about not knowing the answer to a silly math question.

If your teacher asks you why you're unable to figure it out, just tell her that you have bigger problems in life.

Math is at the bottom of your list.

3. I'm More Concerned with Why You Wore That Outfit

If your teacher asks you for the answer to a question, tell her that the bigger question is why she decided to wear those tacky shoes.

Fashion may not be as important as intelligence, but it's still a big deal.

4. That's Not My Name

When the teacher calls your name and waits for an answer, just stare at her.

Once things become awkward, you can tell her that the name she just called isn't your name.

If it's still the first few weeks of classes, then she might think that she actually made a mistake and will check the seating chart.

Of course, once she realizes it's actually you, she won't be all that pleased.

But it will buy you some time to think of the right answer.

Hold on. Let Me Ask Siri
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