17 Funny Excuses to Use for Skipping Class ...

By Holly

17 Funny  Excuses to Use for Skipping Class  ...

No one wants to go to school, especially when the weather is still nice. That's why you need to have some good excuses ready that you can use when you decide to play hooky. Don't have any? Well, you're in luck, because here are a few of the funniest excuses you could ever use for skipping class:

1 I’m Allergic to Responsibility

The older you get, the more responsibilities you have. Of course, most of them aren't any fun, which is why sometimes you just have to rebel.

2 It Wasn’t Destined to Happen

Some things just aren't meant to be. Your teacher should understand that.

3 I Was at a Procrastinators Club Meeting

This excuse will work when you skip school, and when you're late for school. It's versatile!

4 I Couldn’t Come on an Empty Stomach

It's embarrassing to have your stomach grumble in the middle of a quiet class. That's why skipping was your only option.

5 I Had a Bad Hair Day

If your crush is in your class, you can't let him see you at your worst.

6 I Misplaced My Motivation

Hey, if you don't have any motivation, how can you be expected to go to class?

7 My Biological Clock is Ticking

Of course, your teacher might give you a weird look when they hear this, because it suggests you skipped class to have sex.

8 I Thought We Needed Some Time Apart

Tell your professor that you don't think it's healthy for you two to be spending so much time together. You decided a break was best for the both of you.

9 Why Are You so Obsessed with Me?

If your teacher keeps asking you why you were absent, hit them with this question. It'll teach them to keep their nose out of your business.

10 I Made Too Much Food and Couldn’t Let It Go to Waste

You're broke, so it would be painful to let an entire cake go to waste, wouldn't it?

11 I Was in Jail

Unless your teacher goes to the police to find out if you're telling the truth, it's an excuse they can't argue with.

12 Netflix Needed Me More than You Did

You can't leave your buddy Netflix alone for too long, or you'll both suffer. That's why you decided to take a sick day to lounge on your couch and binge watch random shows.

13 I Actually Wanted to Have a Good Day

This is about as honest as you can get. After all, if you ever want to have a good day, the obvious thing to do is skip class.

14 I Knew I'd Learn More on the Internet than in Class

If you spend the day searching the web instead of sitting in class, you might actually learn more from Google than from your professors. It's funny how the world works.

15 I Had a Severe Allergic Reaction to Your Syllabus

You don't want to lie about having allergic reactions to peanut butter or any other food. That's why you should take the honest route by blaming the syllabus.

16 I Forgot Where the Room Was

If you couldn't find your classroom, then how could you make it to class? It's an impossible task.

17 My Mental Health Comes First

This one is more honest than comical. Your mental health is more important than your grades, after all.

Your teachers might not appreciate these excuses, but they certainly are funny. What's the most ridiculous excuse you've ever used for skipping class?

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