The 21 Biggest Pick up Line Failures ...


If a man delivers a corny pickup line the right way, he can win you over. Of course, it's rare for that to happen. Most guys just end up crashing and burning. If a weird pickup line has never been used on you before, here are some of the worst cases of them:

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Angel from Heaven

Angel from Heaven The woman's comeback is better than the man's pickup line! Now isn't that sad?


Space Pants

Space Pants This pickup line is overused, so it's not surprising that the woman had a comeback ready. Men really need to start being more creative.



Genetics You should never date a man with poor grammar. Conversations can get confusing rather quickly.


Computer Lingo

Computer Lingo Older woman know what they're talking about. That's why pickup lines like these should never be used.



Eggplants This emoji needs to stop being used to represent male genitalia. Poor eggplants.



Earthquakes Don't let a man mistake you for an angel when you're really a demon. He deserves to know the truth.



America This pick line actually worked, which is pretty surprising. But there's a first for everything.


Hurt Feet

Hurt Feet What's better than one horrible pickup line? Three, of course!


Solve for X

Solve for X Don't you hate finding X during class? It's even worse when a man asks for your help finding it.


Washing Machines

Washing Machines Now this one is just disgusting. Some men have zero manners.


Pretty Eyes

Pretty Eyes This one started out strong. However, he took a wrong turn somewhere down the line.


The article "The 21 Biggest Pick up Line Failures..." was published on a women focused blog in the category of "funny." It featured a list of pick up lines that were meant to be charming and witty, but ultimately failed in their attempts to impress women. One of the pick up lines featured was "Pretty Eyes," accompanied by a photo of a man with striking blue eyes. However, the article notes that while the pick up line started off strong, it ultimately took a wrong turn and fell flat. This serves as a reminder that even the most seemingly charming pick up lines can still fail miserably.



Raisins No one knows where this pickup line was going. Unfortunately, she ruined it for all of us.


Raisins are a type of dried fruit that are made from grapes. They are a popular snack food, eaten alone or added to salads, cereals, and baked goods. Raisins are high in fiber, iron, and antioxidants. They are also a good source of energy and natural sugar. The "Raisins" pickup line featured in the article is a failed attempt at flirting. It is unclear what the person was trying to say, but the awkwardness of the situation was enough to make everyone uncomfortable. This is a classic example of a pickup line gone wrong, and a reminder to everyone to think before they speak!



Planets Here's another tasteless pickup line. Men should really stop being pigs when they want to land a princess.


An Orphanage

An Orphanage This one could be considered controversial. It's highly unlikely that it actually works two out of three times.


Using "Did you grow up in an orphanage? Because you sure are the answer to all my prayers," as a pick-up line might leave you rambling for an explanation when your prospective date raises an eyebrow in confusion or takes offense. Weaving in assumptions about someone's background is risky business, and can easily backfire if their history strikes an emotional chord. Flirting should be fun, not a deep dive into potentially sensitive subjects. Stick to less edgy material if you want to safeguard against a quick exit and a place on the 'do not approach' list.


Rearrange the Alphabet

Rearrange the Alphabet Most of the time, men say that they'd rearrange the alphabet by putting "U" and "I" together. While that version is cornier, it's also sweeter.


This line has been overused to the point where it's become anything but charming. It's the kind of comment that might get a polite chuckle rather than genuine interest. Trust us, creativity counts when trying to win someone’s affection. Instead of recycling the same old phrases, put a little thought into what you say. A personalized compliment or a witty observation is much more likely to get you noticed. The key is to stand out, not merge into a sea of clichés. Remember, sometimes, originality trumps sweetness.



Appendix This one didn't even get a reply. It was that bad.


Straight to the Point

Straight to the Point Sometimes, it's better to be blunt. At other times, it pays to take things slow.


Communicating your interest doesn't always require beating around the bush, but timing and delivery are everything. Maybe you're the kind to shoot from the hip with a "Hey, I like you," which can be refreshingly honest or, admittedly, a bit too much. It’s a risky move that could pay off by cutting through the chatter or could come off as lacking the finesse of flirtation. Regardless, if you choose the path of candor, ensure your confidence doesn't cross over to arrogance. Sometimes all it takes is a simple truth spoken with genuine sincerity.



Christmas No one wants to be talked to like this. Thankfully, the woman had a delightful little comeback to keep him away.


Decimal Points

Decimal Points You probably shouldn't ask women to rate you when you know they're going to give you a low number. It'll only ruin your self esteem.


Asking for a numerical rating on your charm is like playing roulette with your dignity—sometimes the odds just aren’t in your favor. Focus on conversation, not quantification. After all, romance isn't a competition with a scoreboard. A genuine smile and authentic interest will score way more points than any number ever could. And let's be real, who’s keeping score anyway? If she's the type to tote around a scorecard, she might not be the keeper you’re looking for. Play it cool, and don't reduce the intricate dance of attraction to mere digits.


Stopped My Heart

Stopped My Heart This pickup line didn't earn as many points as the man had hoped. It just made it clear why he's single.


In a desperate bid to be charming, he threw out what he thought was a witty one-liner, hoping to stop women in their tracks—figuratively speaking. Instead, the response was a mix of awkward silence and a sympathetic smile, which only served to punctuate the silence even further. It was a stark reminder that sometimes, less is more, and in this case, silence might have been the most eloquent statement of all. His foray into the world of dating clearly needed a different approach, or perhaps just a more heartfelt script.


Future Children

Future Children There's no reason for him to worry about children when he can't even land a date. He's thinking way too far ahead.

If you've never heard any of these crummy pickup lines before, be thankful for it. Which one of these photos do you find the funniest?

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Some of these are really funny!

Ive heard some of these. "Did u hurt yourself when you fell from heaven?' Seems the most popular. And 'i lost my number. Can i have yours?" This came from a guy who was actually dating my best friend at the time. Needless to say, that ended his chances with her.

#16 didn't get a response, but the message was liked. Don't know why tho...

Lol! These are funny!

Ahahhaha 13&14;. Bye Felicia.


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