13 GIFs to Use as Pick-up Lines ...


13 GIFs to Use as Pick-up Lines ...
13 GIFs to Use as Pick-up Lines ...

If you're texting or emailing your crush, there are some perfect GIFs to use as pick-up lines. There's no harm in attaching one or two to your conversation in order to express how you're feeling. That way, you don't have to go through the trouble of typing out the actual words. Are you ready for some of the silliest GIFs to use as pick-up lines?

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Be Blunt

Be Blunt You might as well cut to the chase. Why waste your time with subtle, flirty messages when you could come right out and tell him how you feel. This is one of the best GIFs to use as pick-up lines, because it speaks for itself.


For Fans of Friends

For Fans of Friends Any fan of Friends will melt over this line. Of course, if your crush never watched the show, he might be a wee bit confused about what you're trying to tell him. It's not as obvious as you think.


Schmitt's Style

Schmitt's Style Not all pick-up lines actually have to be subtle. This one lets your crush know how much you care about him. As long as he's not one of those people who hate the term 'boo,' this GIF should work well on him.


Tumblr Lover

Tumblr Lover If you spend all of your time on social media sites, this pick-up line is meant for you. It lets your crush know how you're feeling, but it also fills him in on your obsession with Tumblr.


In the Expression

In the Expression This isn't a very unique compliment, but it gets the job done. If someone's attractive, they deserve to know it, don't they? Be brave and admit it to them.


Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar This is a cute little line that should earn you a smiley face emoticon. It's about as innocent as pick-up lines get, so your crush should be impressed by how polite you are.


Pants Party

Pants Party If you're awkward in real life, you should send your crush an awkward GIF. I mean, if you sent him something that made sense, you'd be making him think that you're somebody else. Just keep it honest.


Nerdy Advances

Nerdy Advances If your crush aims to be a scientist, he'll appreciate this line. It's always good to reference a topic that you know he cares about. It makes whatever you say way cuter.


Good Old Joey

Good Old Joey Joey got the girls with this line, so it must work, right? You won't know for sure until you try it out. Help Joey's legacy live on.


Corny Classics

Corny Classics He's probably heard this one dozens of times, but it doesn't make it any less adorable. If he has a soft spot for corny pick-up lines, he'll be putty in your hands.


For the Foodies

For the Foodies If your crush loves pizza as much as the rest of us, he'll be flattered by this line. There's really no higher compliment, so he should appreciate it.


Not so Mean

Not so Mean Even mean girls know how to be nice. Even though you can't see your crush (unless you're Skyping), there's a big chance that he looks good, so it's okay to use this line.


What a Waste

What a Waste If you're waiting for your crush to plant a kiss on you, hint at it with this GIF. The next time he sees you, he should be ready to lock lips. If Barney Stinson can't convince him, no one else can.

When you have nothing left to say, GIFs are the perfect way to express how you're feeling. What's the best pick-up line someone has used on you?

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