15 Clever Disney Related Pick up Lines ...


15 Clever Disney Related Pick up Lines ...
15 Clever Disney Related Pick up Lines ...

If you want to seduce someone with Disney references, there are some hilarious Disney related pick-up lines out there. They might not get you a date, but they'll at least get you a few laughs. That's better than nothing, isn't it? Here are some of the best Disney related pick-up lines for you to enjoy:

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Monsters Inc

blue,screenshot,fictional character, “My name isn't Sully, but you could be my Boo.” This is one of the greatest Disney related pick-up lines, because it's cute and to the point. There's no crude humor in it, and it lets your crush know that you have great taste in film. I mean, who doesn't love Monsters Inc.?


Beauty and the Beast

cartoon,anime,screenshot,fictional character,illustration, “Am I a Beast, because you’re definitely a beauty?” This is a perfect twist on traditional compliments. Instead of telling someone they're pretty, use this on them. It's more original.


Disney movies have been a part of popular culture for decades, and many of their lines have become iconic. One of the most beloved Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast, which is the story of a cursed prince who must find love in order to break the spell. In the movie, the Beast says the line “Am I a Beast, because you’re definitely a beauty?”, which is a clever and original way of giving someone a compliment.

This line has become so popular that it is now often used as a pick up line. It is a great way to break the ice and show someone that you are creative and interested in them. The line is also a great way to show someone that you are a fan of Disney, which is a great conversation starter.

The Beauty and the Beast story is a timeless classic, and the movie has been remade several times. The original version was released in 1991, and the 2017 live action remake was a huge success. The 2017 version featured Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

Frequently asked questions

Disney Snow White pick up lines use playful references from the Snow White movie, like complimenting someone's beauty by comparing them to Snow White or joking about poison apples and waking up with a kiss.

Monsters Inc. pick up lines often involve characters like Mike or Sulley. A fun one might be 'Are you Sulley? Because you're scaring me with how much I'm attracted to you!' or something sweet with Mike Wazowski's name.

Winnie the Pooh pick up lines are usually sweet and could involve honey or Pooh's love for his friends. One example could be 'If you were a pot of honey, I'd be Winnie the Pooh, diving in headfirst'.

A Sleeping Beauty pick up line might playfully suggest the magic of love's first kiss, like 'I must be Prince Phillip because I feel like I've been searching for you my whole life.'

Mike Wazowski pick up lines from Monsters Inc. add humor to flirting by using Mike's big eye or his charm, for example, 'Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your one eye like Mike Wazowski's.'


Winnie the Pooh

Downtown Disney,cartoon,play,jungle,screenshot, “Call me Pooh, because all I want is you, honey.” Short and sweet. What could be better?


Winnie the Pooh is a beloved character from the classic Disney franchise, known for his love of honey and his endearing personality. In the article "15 Clever Disney Related Pick up Lines," Pooh's iconic line "Call me Pooh, because all I want is you, honey" is featured as a clever pick up line. This line not only showcases Pooh's sweet and innocent nature, but also plays on his love for honey, making it a perfect choice for a Disney-inspired pick up line. The image accompanying the article also features Pooh in a playful and charming pose, adding to the overall appeal of the pick up line.



Cinderella (1950),Cinderella,Cinderella,Cinderella,Pinocchio 1940 VHS, “You must be Cinderella, because I see that dress disappearing by midnight.” This one is only for the brave! Use it with caution. You don't want a drink thrown in your face.



Cars,CARS,car,vehicle,automotive design, “I must be Lighting McQueen, 'cause you've got my heart racing.” This is the Disney alternative of saying "you've been running through my mind all day."


Sleeping Beauty

cartoon,anime,screenshot,illustration, “After meeting me, you'll want to spend more time in bed than Sleeping Beauty.” This is another one for the boldest of the bold. Only use it with people that are able to appreciate the joke.


Sleeping Beauty is a classic Disney princess movie that was released in 1959. The story follows the beautiful Princess Aurora who is cursed by the evil fairy Maleficent to fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years. However, she is saved by true love’s kiss from Prince Philip, and they live happily ever after.

The pick up line “After meeting me, you'll want to spend more time in bed than Sleeping Beauty” is a humorous way to express the idea that the speaker is so attractive that the other person will want to spend more time with them than Sleeping Beauty spent asleep. This pick up line is best suited for people who have a sense of humor and an appreciation for Disney movies.

Disney movies have been around for decades and have been beloved by children and adults alike. The themes of friendship, love, and adventure have been inspiring generations of people all over the world. The timeless stories of these classic Disney movies have been adapted to the big screen, and the characters have become iconic.

The pick up line “After meeting me, you'll want to spend more time in bed than Sleeping Beauty” is a unique and creative way to express one’s attraction to another person.


Toy Story

TOY STORY 2,play,toy,screenshot, “I can take you to infinity and beyond.” Everybody, and I mean everybody, loves Toy Story. This one can't go wrong.



cartoon,anime,screenshot,comics,illustration, “One night with me, and I'll show you a whole new world.” If you're really aiming to impress, start singing the song that goes along with it. What could go wrong?


Lion King

mammal,natural environment,ecosystem,cartoon,lion, “Can you feel the love tonight?” This is a nice, little question to ask any Lion King fan. If you're lucky, they'll say 'yes.'


Amusement Park

Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty Castle,Disneyland,Disneyland,amusement park,walt disney world, “There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Apparently, none of them have ever been in your arms.” This isn’t your typical pick-up line, because it’s more adorable than raunchy. Say this to someone, and they won’t be able to hide their smile.


Even Cinderella's Fairy Godmother couldn't craft a spell that can match the magic I feel when I'm with you. If a simple bibbidi-bobbidi-boo could bring us together, I’d say it in a heartbeat. But why wish upon a star when I've already found someone stellar in you? Disney magic is one thing, but the enchantment you bring to my life is a fairy tale come true. With you, every moment is like the grand finale of a fireworks show above the castle.


Alice in Wonderland

cartoon,play,illustration,child art,comics, “Is your name Alice? Because I’m lost in your Wonderland.” This is another clever way to compliment one's appearance without using typical compliments. No one would forget hearing this!


Mickey and Minnie

cartoon,anime,mouth,mangaka,organ, “Hey my name's Mickey and there's nothing Minnie about me.” Only say this if it's true. No need to lie.


Sure, play on words can be cheesy, but they can also be charmingly effective when it comes to breaking the ice! Embrace your inner Disney fan and lead with a touch of nostalgic flair. Imagine catching someone's eye and sharing a laugh over a line that reminds you both of childhood cartoons. This line could be a playful way to show off your confident side—if your heart is as brave as a lion, why not let them hear you roar? Just remember, the key is to keep it light-hearted and genuine. Magic can happen when you least expect it!



Goofy Games,horse,cartoon,mammal,horse like mammal, “Do you wanna get Goofy?” Be careful with this one, because it's not obvious that it's a Disney reference. Save it for when you're already in the middle of a Disney centered conversation.


Sure, it might be a tad obscure—but for those in the know, it hints at a sense of adventure with a touch of nostalgia. After all, who doesn't want a bit of that classic Disney charm in their lives? Just imagine the magic as you both reminisce about childhood trips to the park or your favorite Goofy cartoons. It's a light-hearted line that opens the door to a whirlwind of fun memories—perfect for making a magical connection!


Tower of Terror

Disney World, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror,landmark,historic site,building,town, “I don’t need to take you on the Tower of Terror to get you screaming.” Just make sure they know that the 'screaming' is positive, and not a threat.


Snow White

cartoon,person,play,anime,screenshot, “I’m the eighth dwarf--Sexy.”

Which one of these pick-up lines do you like the best? Do you have any others that weren't mentioned?

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#7 mayday mayday its all gone wrong i repeat do not try this on anyone, she said do you love me I tell her only partly I only love my bed and my momma im sorry


aww!! is that zackefron(or whatever) and venessa as in Snow White??

lol this is so cute. ❤️

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All of these made me laugh so hard omg

I had about seeing the dress on the floor, but disappear before midnight? Whoa!

#8 its all gone wrong she said she hates my singing


I would literally marry any guy who tried any of these on me lol

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