7 Awesome Riddles That'll Stump Your Friends ...

By Michelle

I enjoy hearing awesome riddles because they get me thinking. Trading tough riddles with friends is always entertaining because you get to see who figures it out first. If you’re a fan of figuring out mental puzzles like me, then check out these awesome riddles. You may find yourself testing your friends in no time!

1 The Family Affair

Riddle: Two fathers and two sons walk into a candy store. They each buy something for $0.50 but they only spent $1.50. How is that possible?

Whenever I tell this awesome riddle to people, they always get caught up with the money. It doesn’t make sense at first because you jump to the conclusion that there are four people there so clearly you need to spend $2.00 if everyone did indeed buy something for $0.50. The trick comes in when you realize that only three people entered the store, what changed is the relationship, or shall I say relationships, each of them holds.

Answer: One grandfather, one father and one son makes two fathers and two sons.

2 Chinese Name

Riddle: How long is a Chinese name?

I can remember my friend telling me this riddle at college and my roommate and I were stumped with what the answer could be. We tried counting the letters in the riddle and guessing random numbers. The secret? It’s not a question but a statement.

Answer: How Long IS a Chinese name.

3 Say My Name

Riddle: When you say my name, I’m no longer there. What am I?

This riddle can be found in the movie “Life Is Beautiful.” It’s a great one that has appeared in various TV and movie programs over the years. Can you guess what it is? It’s something that goes away as soon as you say it’s name.

Answer: Silence

4 Snow White

Riddle: The dwarfs and Snow White sit down to a bite. How fast can you guess what she serves them next?

This riddle can also be found in the film “Life Is Beautiful.” It’s been on my radar since watching the movie because it’s a classic. You have to consider the number of people at the table and the fact that they are eating again.

Answer: Seven seconds.

5 Marry

Riddle: How can a son marry his mother?

Marry his mother? Isn’t that incest, you may be wondering. Well, not quite. In fact, the solution is easier than you think.

Answer: The son is a priest who performed the marriage ceremony.

6 Months

Riddle: How many months have 28 days?

Well, let’s think about this. February definitely has 28 days. I’m sure of it. That’s why it’s so special because it’s unlike the other months in the year. But the riddle asks, “How many months have 28 days?”

Answer: All of them! They all have 28 days and hey, some even have more!

7 English Lesson

Riddle: Do read and lead rhyme?

Here is where the English language gets to have it’s fun. When I first read this, I thought it was insanely tricky and it is. Both of those words can be pronounced in two different ways. For example, read is both “red” and “read” while lead is both “led” and “lead.”

Answer: Read and lead rhyme and read and lead rhyme, but read and lead don’t rhyme and neither do read and lead. Get it?

These are some awesome riddles that I enjoy and I hope you will too. Which one did you find tricky? What are some other riddles you like to stump your friends with?

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