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Sometimes funny office notes are necessary to our survival. Anyone who has ever worked in customer service can relate to the need to blow off steam. I've done this sort of work extensively, both “on location” or in an office setting. The longest office job was at a call center for employee benefits for various companies. While we couldn't blow off steam by drooling over hot customers or making out with coworkers in the produce locker (no, I didn't do this-much), we found ways to make ourselves laugh. It was that sense of fun and desperation that inspired a lot of funny office notes, much like the ones you see online. These didn't come from my jobs, but here are some examples of funny office notes I've collected. Even if they weren't meant to be funny, the context and reactions from other people made them so.

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Get My Name Right, Dammit!

Get My Name Right, Dammit! I'm sorry, but this is one of the best funny office notes I've seen today. As someone who constantly gets her name spelled wrong (either that, or thought to be a man), I can relate.


Leave My Stuff Alone #1

Leave My Stuff Alone #1 Well, there goes my affection for peanut butter ice cream bars...I'll bet that person never steals anyone's food ever again!


Brutally Honest Sign#1

Brutally Honest Sign#1 It's scary how many of these signs say what most of us are *thinking* but no one wants to say. Even those of us who like our jobs can use a good laugh to start the day.


Karma's a Bitch...

Karma's a Bitch... Reason #375 why you shouldn't steal people's food - mouth sores. I find notes like this funny and disturbing at the same time. What about you?


Clean up after Yourself #1

Clean up after Yourself #1 You can tell the Post-it note was written by a man. Of course, it *is* a men's bathroom...even so, that's just gross.


Leave My Stuff Alone #2

Leave My Stuff Alone #2 Stuff like this is a perfect example of the funny office notes I've seen. I hope this guy got a kick out of it too, or at least didn't feed the culprits any of the ice cream bars mentioned in #2. Hey, isn't the plural form of "reindeer" still "reindeer"?


Cubicle Farm Lamentations

Cubicle Farm Lamentations I've felt this way on a number of occasions. It was mostly at the call center, although it's happened in other places too.


Soul-sucking Work Whine

Soul-sucking Work Whine See above. I'm sure you can relate. I'm glad management has a sense of humor. We'd never be able to get away with this at some jobs I've had.


F@#$*ing Printer!

F@#$*ing Printer! This is my favorite movie scene ever! If you don't get the joke, watch Office Space. The epic “printer-assault” scene is about halfway through.


Food Wars

Food Wars By this, I mean no disrespect for vegans or vegetarians. I don't have the discipline to be one. I just thought it was funny, especially the image on the "response note".


Inconsiderate Bathroom User

Inconsiderate Bathroom User ...and if you're not going to unclog it out of courtesy for Dan, at least do it out of courtesy for anyone who has to sit next to you and smell your, um, punishment.


R.I.P. Break Room Microwave

R.I.P. Break Room Microwave This one isn't funny so much as clever. I'm sure we've all had to say goodbye to a longtime break room friend.


My Mom...

My Mom... I'm not sure if this is funny or sad. Either way, it's an interesting comeback.Those "your mother doesn't work here" notes are lame anyway.


Don't Label Me

Don't Label Me This one speaks for itself. I hope whoever buys the office supplies has a sense of humor, but somehow I doubt it.


Which Paper Should I Use?

Which Paper Should I Use? Again, this one speaks for itself. Apparently someone had too much time on their hands. Either that, or too much paper that needed using.


Hands off

Hands off My husband added not making eye contact or looking at anyone else's "junk". Do I *want* to know? Probably not.


“for the Kittens”

“for the Kittens” I'm sorry, but that face is just too precious. I could have done without the polar bear part, but I suppose it fits.


“Hey, I *told* You to Leave My Stuff Alone..."

“Hey, I *told* You to Leave My Stuff Alone..." I'm sorry, but this is just awesome. I hope those peanut butter bars were worth it. Ditto touching the reindeer cup.


“Wrath of the Ancients”

“Wrath of the Ancients” A little long, but worth the read. I'd steer clear of this person in case she decides to launch a horde of angry garden gnomes to bite the toes of whoever crosses her while they're asleep. Trust me, it's not pleasant.


A Friendly Reminder from the Local Health Department...

A Friendly Reminder from the Local Health Department... Forget unsanitary; I'm trying to figure out who actually *does* this. That, and what "snozzberries" are.


Hold the Mayo-revisited

Hold the Mayo-revisited What I want to know is who does this and how would anyone find out whether or not they washed off the sidewalk?


“Bathroom Humor”

“Bathroom Humor” I'm sorry, but this is just silly. What good are farts if you can't laugh at them? The placement of the sign is a little scary, though.


Parking-Lot Fail

Parking-Lot Fail I know this isn't an office note, but I can completely see this in the parking lot of some of the schools or offices I've been to.

I had a really hard time deciding which funny office notes to post. I suppose a lot depends on what kind of environment you're in, but some of the other notes had language that wouldn't be appropriate for AWS. What are some of the funny office notes you've seen? Have you left any yourself?

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Snozzberries are from Charlie and the chocolate factory

I've had jobs where not only would management be okay with it, *they'd* be the ones posting the notes! Especially the one about which paper to use.

Which kid? The one who insisted on goose or the one who turned into a blueberry? :)

Snooze berries from Charlie and the chocolate factory

Regarding the 'snozzberries' note - it's a reference from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl (and also in both the Willy Wonka films) Good post!

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