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13 Funny Pick up Lines Based on BBC's Sherlock ...

By Holly

If you're a huge fan of BBC's Sherlock, you'll love hearing funny pick-up lines that pertain to the show. If you haven't watched an episode, set aside some time to have your mind blown. It's one of the greatest shows out there, which is why there are so many funny pick-up lines to use on fellow fans:

1 Is That a British Army Browning L9A1 in Your Pocket or Are You Just Pleased to See Me?”

Why not take an actual phrase from the show? Instead of creating your own funny pick-up lines, just steal virtually any of Moriarty's lines. He has a way with words.

2 I Wanna 221B with You

Even if you don't watch the show, you should know that John and Sherlock live in 221B Baker Street, London. That's why this is a safe pick-up line to use if you're not sure if the other person has seen the show.

3 You’re My Division

Twist around Lestrade's famous saying, "Not my division," by using this pick-up line. You won't end up with a man as amazing as him, but that's pretty difficult to achieve.

4 Is This Reichenbach? Because I’m Falling for You

Okay, this one might make you cringe, but laughing will keep you from crying. It's better to poke fun at the fall than to get upset over it.

5 I Would Shave for You

John claims that he doesn't shave for Sherlock Holmes, but we both know that's not quite true.

6 You’re My Pressure Point

If you've seen the latest series of Sherlock, you know how important one's pressure point can be. It's the thing that one loves above all else, which is why this is such a cute compliment.

7 If I Could Rearrange the Alphabet I’d Put I, O and U Together

Use this phrase on someone who's a sucker for Moriarty. It's a clever twist on the original, overused line about putting 'U' and 'I' together.

8 Am I a Pretty Lady?

John asks Sherlock this when he's drunk, but you can be sober and throw the line around. If you're going to take relationship advice from anyone, you might as well look at the cutest pair out there.

9 I’d Come Back from the Dead for You

It's impossible to keep Sherlock and John apart from each other. If you have a love like that with someone, make sure to tell them before you fake your own death.

10 You’re the King of My Mind Palace

Sherlock's mind palace is incredibly important to him. Since it's such a valuable place, only the biggest people in Sherlock's life appear there to speak to him. Anyone in your mind palace must be pretty darn special.

11 You’re Going to Need a Shock Blanket after I’m Done with You

Sherlock doesn't only consist of drama and mystery--there's a great deal of comedy in it as well. The shock blanket scene was funny, and so is this little phrase.

12 If Convenient, Meet Me in My Bedroom. if Inconvenient, Come Anyway

The original line is from the very first episode of the very first series, so how could you hate this pick-up line? If you're shy, you don't have to say it aloud. Take a page out of Holmes' book and text it to someone.

13 I Always Hear ‘kiss Me on the Mouth’ when You’re Speaking, but It’s Usually Subtext

You probably remember the scene in "A Scandal in Belgravia" when Sherlock asks John to punch him in the face and he replies with a quote similar to this one. It's hard to find someone who doesn't love that scene, which is why this pick-up line is a great one.

Good luck finding someone to love, cherish, and solve crimes with! Can you think of any other adorable Sherlock pick-up lines?

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