9 Funny Comic Book Pick-up Lines to Use on Any Marvel Fan ...


9 Funny Comic Book Pick-up Lines to Use on Any Marvel Fan ...
9 Funny Comic Book Pick-up Lines to Use on Any Marvel Fan ...

If you're a huge fan of Marvel films like the Avengers, Spider-man, or any others, then you'll love these comic book pick-up lines. Even if you haven't read a page of these awesome comics (which you should), then you'll still be able to understand most of the references, unlike Steve Rogers. Here are some of the funniest comic book pick-up lines to use at your own risk:

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"My spidey sense isn't the only thing tingling." This is one of the great comic book pick-up lines to use if your crush is a huge fan of Spider-Man. You might not have the ability to sense danger, but you sure can sense when a hottie is in the room with you. Of course, there are plenty of other inappropriate jokes you could make about his webbing if you wanted to.


Iron Man

"Baby are you metal shrapnel? Because I feel you in my heart." This one is a little rough, because we all hate to see our dear Tony in any pain. Of course, that shrapnel paved the way to his future greatness.



"You're the bulls-eye, and my arrow never misses." Hawkeye carries around a bow and arrow, and is a great shot. He rarely misses, so if he aimed his sights at you, you'd be all his, and something tells me you wouldn't mind it.


Captain America #1

"My shield can block anything, but it couldn't block you from finding a way to my heart." Who could resist a man like Steve Rogers? If the person using this pick-up line is anything like him, then it would be impossible to turn him down.


Captain America #2

"I was frozen in ice for decades... Want to help me warm up?" Once again, our hero's pain is our entertainment. Even though he had a rough time adjusting to his new life, you wouldn't have difficulty adjusting to feeling his arms wrapped around you. That's the true American dream.


Hulk #1

"Hulk cuddle!" Everyone knows the famous phrase about hulk smashing, but that's not all he's capable of. This pick-up line is great, because you can replace the last word with pretty much anything you'd like.


Hulk #2

"They don’t call me incredible for nothing." There's a reason he's called the Incredible Hulk. I mean, have you seen how gorgeous he is as human?



"I may be a god, but you're a full-on goddess." Could you dream of a better compliment? There's no higher praise then being called a goddess. It means you're stunning in every which way: you're beautiful, talented, and all around perfect.


Nick Fury

"You really caught my eye." It's sad that Fury is stuck wearing an eye patch, but it hasn't altered his judgement. He knows what he's doing, and he won't let anyone tell him otherwise. He does as he pleases.

Whether you're a massive fan of comic books, or have only seen the movies, you should be able to enjoy these pick-up lines. If you're lucky enough to find someone who enjoys those things as much as you do, then make them laugh with one of these lines. Who is your favorite Marvel character? Do you like how they're portrayed in the comic books, films, or both?

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I know Loki isn't a part of the Avengers, but... He'd definitely have some badass pickup lines:3

these would be great for Comic-Con. I particularly like the Thor one.

cool :)

hahah! love it ❤️


Ha. These are cute and funny!

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