11 Funny Old West Slang Terms We Should Use Again ...

There are Old West slang terms that are as catchy as the words we currently use. If you want to sound unique by expanding your vocabulary, you'll love learning new words for mundane objects and activities. Here are some Old West slang terms that you can use on any normal day:

1. Above Snakes

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Above snakes means that you're "still alive." So the next time someone asks you if getting a paper cut hurt, you don't have to tell them exactly how you're feeling. Just tell them that you're above snakes, so you can't complain. This is one of the Old West slang terms that will come in handy the next time you're injured.

2. Adam's Ale

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Adam and Even only had one thing to drink and that's water, which is what this phrase means. When your friends are busy ordering fancy drinks with elaborate names, and all you want is some water, call it Adam's ale. Of course, you might have to explain what it means, because not everyone is as worldly as you are.

3. Beetle Crushers

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Beetle crushers are big feet. When you see a bug crawling across the floor, you don't have to use a newspaper to swat it, because your beetle crushers can do the job for you.

4. Catch a Weasel Asleep

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This phrase refers to something unlikely or even impossible. If you don't think that you're going to get a good grade on your next test, compare it to catching a weasel asleep.

5. Flannel Mouth

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A flannel mouth is a smooth talker that aims to trick you into something. The next time a salesman knocks on your door, call him a flannel mouth, and watch him leave out of sheer confusion.

6. Cow Juice

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This means milk, but it sounds a lot less appetizing. Of course, it's fun to put cow juice on a shopping list, hand it to someone, and see their reaction.

7. Sparrow Catching

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Sparrow catching is when one is looking for a girl to go out with. If you're on the lookout for a new relationship, then don't say that you're ready to play the field. Say that you're going sparrow catching.

8. Squabash

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Squabash means to crush or to kill something. Even though it's a violent word, it sounds silly, which will make your conversation sound more lighthearted than it actually is.

9. Taradiddles

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Taradiddles are lies. If you get into a heated argument with someone, and want to calm it down a bit, call their lies 'taradiddles.' It's hard to say the word with a straight face.

10. Tear Squeezer

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A tear squeezer is a sad story. When you come out of The Fault in Our Stars film, and someone asks if it was good, tell them that it was a tear squeezer. They should get your point.

11. Trampoose

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Trampoose means to wander around. Instead of saying that you spent your day walking around the mall, say you spent it trampoosing around the mall. It sounds a whole lot more interesting.

There are thousands of words and phrases in the English language that we've never heard of before. It's impossible to know everything, but it's fun to learn as many new words as you can. What's your favorite Old West movie or novel?
Source: legendsofamerica.com

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