11 Silly Old Time Phrases That You'll Love Using ...

By Holly

11 Silly Old Time Phrases That You'll Love Using ...

There are silly old time phrases that you may have heard others use, but don't use yourself. There's no reason to let the phrases our parents used die out. There are some pretty great silly old time phrases that you can add into any conversation that you're having. Here are a few of the greatest, most useful ones:

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1 Paint the Town Red

If you're going out to have a good time with friends, say that you're going to paint the town red. It just means that you're about to have the time of your life. This is one of the silly old time phrases that you can use in everyday life.

2 Can't Cut the Mustard

This phrase means that something isn't good enough. So the next time a guy you're not interested in asks you out, say that he can't cut the mustard.

3 Drink like a Fish

If someone is guzzling down their drink, tell them that they drink like a fish. All it means is that they drink a lot, like a fish that's submerged in water.

4 Don't Jump Ship

If one of your pals is planning on quitting, tell them not to jump ship. The phrase means that you should never give up. It might sound silly, but it's an inspirational one.

5 The Cat's Meow

If something is absolutely awesome, say that it's the cat's meow. It's useful in any situation, but it works the best when you're talking about how cute a feline is.

6 Barking up the Wrong Tree

There are just as many phrases involving dogs as there are with cats. This one means that you're looking in the wrong direction for something.Accusing your colleague of eating your turkey sandwich from the office fridge was barking up the wrong tree.She's a vegan!

7 When the Rubber Hits the Road

This phrase is used when discussing something serious that is about to happen. You might be a silly person, but when the rubber hits the road, you're able to handle situations with grace.

8 Close, but No Cigar

If someone tries to answer a question correctly, but misses it slightly, tell them their attempt was close, but no cigar. There's an entire Weird Al song about the phrase.

9 Everything but the Kitchen Sink

If your pocketbook weights thirty pounds, then you're carrying around everything but the kitchen sink. It simply means that you're holding on to a ridiculous amount of items.

10 Keep Your Shirt on

This phrase means that you should stay calm. So the next time that your crush is freaking out about a test, tell him to keep his shirt on. But not literally.

11 Put a Sock in It

Instead of telling someone to shut up, you can tell them to put a sock in it. It sounds less rough, so they won't be as annoyed with you. Plus, it might make them laugh, which means they'll stop talking.

There are hundreds of silly phrases out there, but it's up to you to use them. You wouldn't want them to die out, would you? They're too much fun to pass up. Do you know of any other old time phrases that are fun to toss into a conversation? Where have you heard them from?

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I'm 11 and use most of these haha @dani

Great article, I love old sayings

This is a ridiculous article.

I use all of these. I guess I picked them up from my folks!

Is it wrong that I'm 18 and use most of these? I guess I'm just an idiom ;) my friend is an oxymoron xD oh so punny.

Suck it and see - is a brilliant one!

I would have loved to have learned the origins along with definition.

these phrases aren't that old or unheard of

They are funny.

good ones

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