13 Perfect Guardians of the Galaxy Pick-up Lines ...


13 Perfect Guardians of the Galaxy Pick-up Lines ...
13 Perfect Guardians of the Galaxy Pick-up Lines ...

If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, go watch it so that you can understand the following pick-up lines. The movie is absolutely amazing, and has as many touching moments as hysterical ones. If you loved the film or comics, use these Guardians of the Galaxy pick-up lines on fellow fans:

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I Don't Have That Long of a Lifespan, but I Want to Spend It All with You

When faced with a tough decision, Rocket says that he doesn't have that long of a lifespan anyway, so he might as well risk his life. Twist those word around a little, and you have the perfect pick-up line. Use it on anyone who's a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, and you're sure to win their heart.


Are You Nice? Naughty? Bit of Both?

One of the last lines of the film is spoken by Quill, when he asks the other Guardians of the Galaxy whether they should do something good, bad, or a bit of both. If you say this pick-up line in a way that Star-Lord would, then you'll never be lonely again. He's one of the most wanted men in the galaxy.


I Love You. with 12% of My Heart

No one is impressed when Quill can only come up with 12% of a plan, but you should test out this line regardless. You never know who will be impressed that they have more than 11% of your heart.


I Wasn't Listening. I Was Thinking of You

Drax stopped paying attention to his friends, because he had other things going on in his brain. It's hard to blame him, because it happens to the best of us. The next time you get caught daydreaming, use this line to stay on your mate's good side.


You're Better than Bacon

Kevin Bacon is discussed repeatedly in the movie, and is viewed as a hero. Telling someone that they're better than the almighty Kevin Bacon is the highest compliment of them all.


Talking to You Was a Pretty Good Plan

There are tons of different plans in the movie, but only some of them work out well. If you introduce yourself to a cutie, and have a good time talking to them, make sure you let them know you're happy with the way things went.


Will You Succumb to My Pelvic Sorcery?

Gamora and Quill almost shared a kiss, but she ultimately refused to succumb to his pelvic sorcery. Of course, not everyone is as strong willed as she is.


I like Your Heart. I'm Keeping It

When Drax finds a knife that he likes, he claims that he's keeping it. You can do the same after stealing someone's heart.


I Am Not a Princess! but I'll Treat You like One

Drax hates being called a princess, but most people will enjoy the title. Treat your mate like royalty, and they'll love you forever.


Ain't No Thing like You, except You

Rocket claims that there's nothing like him, except for him, which is the truth. Whether you look like a raccoon or a human woman, you're unique. Nobody else is exactly like you.


I'm a Collector, but I've Never Seen Anything as Valuable as You

The collector has tons of valuable items, which anyone would love to own. Calling someone more special than the pieces already in his collection is a rare compliment.


What's a Goddess? It's What You Are

Rocket doesn't understand what a raccoon is, even though he looks like one. Even though your crush doesn't realize they're a god or goddess, you should let them know that they indeed are one.


I Am Groot

These three little words could mean absolutely anything. Say them to someone, and let them figure it out for themselves.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that you could easily watch again and again. Who's your favorite character from the film?

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