61 Hilariously Sassy E-Cards That We Can't Get Enough of ...


Sassy e-cards are among my most favorite things about the internet! You've got to love an e-card that perfectly describes your emotions about something while being hilariously rude. If you're a huge fan of sarcasm as well, here are 61 sassy e-cards that will make your day!

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For the Procrastinators

Via yup

I can totally relate to this sassy e-card because I never get things done until it's too late. This is how coffee and I became best friends.


Ah, the sweet thrill of racing against a deadline, with caffeine as my co-pilot. Most nights, you can find me in a chaotic dance with time, a symphony of frantic keystrokes and gulps of liquid energy. It's a love-hate relationship; I hate the panic but love the adrenaline rush. And every single time, I swear I'll start earlier on the next task... right after one more scroll through Pinterest for that perfect motivational quote. Who am I kidding? I'll probably stumble upon another five hilarious e-cards to share with my fellow comrades in procrastination.



Sunglasses Via your ecards | Tumblr

Fellow stalkers rejoice!



Soulmates Via If you like this quote...you'll ...

Love is a two way street.


Mind Your Language

Mind Your Language Via You call them "cuss words" ...

I think some sentences wouldn't quite have the same effect without cuss words.


Oh to Be "that" Person

Oh to Be "that" Person Via I'm not rude. I just ...

It's so hard to keep your mouth shut sometimes!


Just Say It

Just Say It Via #Someecards

If I see another sly tweet or FB status, I'm going to scream! Communicate, people.


Safe Place

Safe Place Via Keep Calm, Quotes & Funny ...

Seriously, it's like every "safe place" turns into a black hole the minute you turn your back.



JENGA! Via someecards

Hahahaha! I would LOVE to try this someday.


Some People

Some People Via Someecards

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just express how you truly feel about someone instead of pretending to like them everyday?


Wise Ass

Wise Ass Via Free Ecards, Funny Ecards, Greeting ...

I hate people who don't let me finish my sentences!



English Via Humor(:

Oh how these variations make me cringe. It's not that hard to type, is it?



Arguments Via Funnies

Well, that's one way to win an argument


A Woman's Mind

A Woman's Mind Via Funny, Isn't It

This is so true!


Because Discrimination is Wrong....

Because Discrimination is Wrong.... Via I don't discriminate. I hate ...

Can you blame me?


Too Much Effort

Too Much Effort Via I need an extra day ...

This is me on most weekends.


Work Week

Work Week Via Chuck's Fun Page 2: An ...

Now that sounds like a fun work week!


Ninja Mode

Ninja Mode Via Just funny

Not to mention the monumental relief you feel when you realize you were just being a silly goop.


Breakup Ecards

Breakup Ecards Via 15 E-Cards You Wish You ...

That's what I should have said to my ex.


Snooki, Anyone?

Snooki, Anyone? Via Humor

Unfortunately, I can't claim the same. Sometimes, you just need a stupid "reality show" to make you feel better about your own life.


Being Antisocial

Being Antisocial Via I don't want to leave ...

It's like a disease.


Oh Lordy Lord!

Oh Lordy Lord! Via If you get caught sleeping ...

Because there is no wrong time to say a prayer, right?


A Special Day for Stupidity

A Special Day for Stupidity Via Funny

Ooo, how I would love to say this to some people!



Hangry Via images.google.com

As a victim of "hangriness", I know exactly how this works. Thankfully, my close friends now know to stay away until I've been fed. Mmm...food.



Stupidity Via So funny

Feedback Junction

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Had lovely time reading all of tyem

The last one... The BEST.

#15 is school for me

Love these!


So many of these are me especially number 15!

Fab. Love em


Number 25 hahaha

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