28 Hilarious Cats in Halloween Costumes ...


28 Hilarious Cats in Halloween Costumes ...
28 Hilarious Cats in Halloween Costumes ...

Cats are known for being the less cooperative ones of our furry friends, but it doesn't mean that with enough hard work you can't get your cats in Halloween costumes this year! For ideas on how you may want to dress your pet, check out these hilarious, adorable cats in halloween costumes.

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Princess Leia

Princess Leia Source: Kittens Plead For Adoption In ...
This kitten is clearly cute all on her own but dressed as Star Wars's Princess Leia, this cat in a halloween costume becomes the envy of cats everywhere!



Puss-in-Boots Source: Puss-in-Boots Halloween Costume for Cats ...
Every cats' hero is Puss-in-Boots, isn't it? Let your cat live out his dream and dress up as his role model this year!



Goat-cat Source: Happy Halloween 2010
I don't exactly understand why "goat-cat" is a thing, but you can't deny that this costume is adorable! See how pensive and enlightened that goat-cat looks. That could be your cat on Halloween.



Supercat Source: I Waste So Much Time ...
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's supercat!



Lion Source: 40 Quirky Styles For The ...
Deep down inside, every domestic cat is a fierce lion trying to escape. For one night this year, let your cat walk on the wild side.


Colonial Cat

Colonial Cat Source: 13 Signs You've Gone Too ...
This colonial cat is so classy, you'll almost forget how sassy she was when you forced the costume on her!


Lobster Cat

Lobster Cat Source: 15 hilarious cats in costumes
While I wouldn't recommend actually putting your cat in a pot of water, I strongly advise that you invest in a hilarious lobster costume for your feline friend.


Couple Costume

Couple Costume Source: 11 Cats in Halloween Costumes
People aren't the only ones who get to do couple costumes! Get your dog in on the dress-up action and pair him with your cat!


Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Source: Kitty Couture; Burning Man Bon ...
I'm quite certain there isn't a cat on this Earth who doesn't aspire to be as fabulous as Hello Kitty. You'll be doing your cat a favor by buying her this costume!


Kitty Potter

Kitty Potter Source: 15 hilarious cats in costumes
Perhaps Harry drank a bit of Polyjuice Potion this Halloween and woke up as your cat!


Little Red Riding Cat

Little Red Riding Cat Source: The 50 Best Animal Photos ...
The best part about this photo isn't the costume, nor even the miniature basket, but the Hello Kitty image embroidered onto the cat's apron!


Cat in a Hat

Cat in a Hat Source: Red Bow Tie Cat Collar
It would be practically criminal for this costume to be left off a list of halloween costumes for cats!



CleoCatra Source: Halloween Inspiration: Cats In Costume!
Cleopatra is a rather overdone costume for humans, but for cats it's still a very hip look!


Bat Cat

Bat Cat Source: Getting Ready For Halloween
Admit it, you "awwed" when you saw this furry friend dressed up as a fearsome creature of the night!


Nick Furry

Nick Furry Source: 14 Pets Dressed Up As ...
The Avengers is full of menacing leaders, but no character is more infamous than Nick Furry!



Bunny-cat Source: Ghoul For Cats: The Top ...
I won't deny that this cat looks rather miserable in this costume. But there's no harm in slipping it on just to snap a few photos before the tricker-treaters arrive!



Beatnik Source: Ready for the Catwalk...the amazing ...
Part of me expects this cat to start reciting poetry any minute now!


Haute CAT-ture

Haute CAT-ture Source: Halloween Inspiration: Cats In Costume!
For the fashion-forward feline, we of course have options such as this one, which will have all the other kitties swooning!



Bumblebee Source: CyBeRGaTa - Cats, Memes, New ...
This is one of those photographs that is so cute you want to cry! Now imagine it in 3D prancing around your living room!



Skeleton Source: this isn't happiness™ (Here Kitty), ...
All of these costumes have been inarguably adorable! However, Halloween is meant to be a scary time, so, if you have the right temporary dyes, try this spooky look for your pet this year.


Bob Marley

Bob Marley Source: Cats In Costumes
This costume will conjure up laughs from all of your friends when they see your cat wearing this as you play "One Love" in the background.



Pirate Source: Tuckie Halloween 2008
How poised and professional does this cat look in his pirate Halloween costume! Maybe if you dressed up your cat the same way, they'd get a confidence boost, too.



Mermaid-Cat Source: petco.com
If you're like me, you'll agree that there are few combinations in life more perfect than mermaids and cats!



Catspeare Source: craftgawker
Not only will your cat look 10x more intelligent in this Renaissance costume, they'll also be relatively comfortable, as opposed to some of the other, more involved cat costumes.



Frog-Cat Source: Community Post: Cats Dressed Up ...
Yes, it is okay to cry when you see something this cute! What is more adorable than a kitten in a frog suit?



Huntress Source: A Link to Many Wonderful ...
Your cat can channel her inner-predator and roam the backyard dressed as a huntress this Halloween!


Aye, Aye, Catain

Aye, Aye, Catain Source: Dress Up Your Cat for ...
This nautical costume is a hilarious and cute, perfect for your furry companion.


Captain America

Captain America Source: In China, A Cute Cosplaying ...
This Avengers character costume looks almost as good on a cat as on Chris Evans!

Dressing up cats should certainly be more popular than it is! Looking at these costumes makes me want to buy all of them! Which Halloween costumes would you like your cat to wear?

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“GOLDEN”👏👏👏✌️😎😂😂😂😃🌟💪🌈, Super~Sabrina!!!.... “L.M.A.O.”!!😂😂😂😂✊

"Huntress"?? Pretty sure that's Link from Legend of Zelda, friend..

Cute cats, thxs!

* Cat hair cannot be used in poly juice potion. Poly juice potion is used to transform humans into different humans, not into different animals. Using animal hair in the poly juice potion leads to disastrous results, as seen by hermoines strange and accidental half human half cat form.

Yeah that's definitely Link...

The lobster one was so cute! #16 looked soft and adorable, yet he hates his life.

"You laugh now, but wait until you see the surprise I left for you under the dining room table" - all the cats being forced to wear silly costumes.

Can't believe how far people would go, hilarious though

talk about cat torture!!! the costumes look rediculous and the only cat that looked cute dressed up was Salem on Sabrina the teenage witch .

ahahahahhaha so funny! #16 hates his life xD

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