15 Silliest Pumpkin Carvings Only True Artists Should Attempt ...


It's almost Halloween, which means that it's time to create some silly pumpkin carvings. Why would you want to scare away all of your little trick or treaters when you could make them laugh instead? If you make some silly pumpkin carvings, your house will be the talk of the town. If you need some inspiration to kickstart your creativity, here are some of the funniest pumpkins around:

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Pumpkin Attack

Pumpkin Attack You know that old pair of jeans you were thinking about throwing out? Well, cut off the leg and put it to use by sticking it into the mouth of one of your silly pumpkin carvings. Don't forget to spurt ketchup around it!


Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied Why would you stick to only using one pumpkin? Throw a few tiny ones into the mix so that your carving has a family of its own.


Eating Your Young

Eating Your Young Just because a pumpkin is silly doesn't mean that its nice. If you're a fan of all things spooky, create a pair of pumpkins like these, because they're equally humorous as they are terrifying.


Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie Use your favorite childhood show for inspiration! You don't have to stick to Sesame Street, of course. Try making a Pokemon pumpkin or one that looks like Tommy Pickles.


Throwing up

Throwing up If you eat too much candy, you're going to end up exactly like this pumpkin. It shows children the dangers of taking an extra Twix bar when they were specifically told to take only one.


Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald TV shows aren't the only sources of inspiration out there. You can use anything in the world as a muse, including your favorite fast food restaurant.


Evil Octopus

Evil Octopus If you bought a few too many pumpkins, then you know what you should do with them. Create a crazy monster that everyone in town will end up snapping photos next to.


Total Destruction

Total Destruction Not every pumpkin is a fan of Halloween. I mean, it's the holiday where they get stuck with knives and paraded around. It's no surprise that this pumpkin flipped out on his friend.


Knowing Your Nose

Knowing Your Nose You don't have to sit your pumpkin up straight like everyone traditionally does. Flip him on his stomach and use his stem as a nose.


Death Star

Death Star If you're a Star Wars fan, you have plenty of options. You can carve out a pumpkin that looks like a lightsaber, R2-D2, or even the Death Star.


Mr. Pumpkin Head

Mr. Pumpkin Head You don't even have to take out your knife for this creative idea. All you have to do is grab your old Mr. Potato Head and steal his accessories.


Mario Madness

Mario Madness Everyone will recognize this famous figure on your front step. Whether children or adults come knocking, they'll be sure to compliment your creativity.


Little House

Little House No matter how old you are, you can still play house. Carve out a little window and door for your imaginary pumpkin residents, and then set some rocks out in front of the door like a path.


Agent P

Agent P The children in your neighborhood will love you, even if you hand out toothbrushes. This awesome pumpkin will help them forgive you.


Toy Story

Toy Story Everybody loves these little fellows. They're too cute to ignore, so if you make a pumpkin like this, expect compliments to be thrown at you.

Halloween is a fun holiday where you can show your creative side. What kind of pumpkin are you going to carve this year?

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that mario one must of taken so long to do, such skill

I did the first pumpkin 2 years ago and the one eating the baby 1year ago

Wow the death star is epic!!

1st one is my brothers favorite

So cool

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