Hilarious Wildlife Photos Every Girls Who Likes Animals Must See ...

By Neecey

Hilarious  Wildlife Photos  Every Girls Who Likes Animals  Must See ...

And even if you're not that into animals, you will love these pictures. They are all finalists in the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. I don't know how the judges will pick a winner from this fantastic selection. Which is your favorite?

Table of contents:

  1. say what?
  2. this bear got his angel wings early
  3. sh*t happens
  4. survival 101: camouflage
  5. they lied. snow diving is not fun
  6. f*ck you
  7. rodent yoga
  8. rango unchained
  9. penguins come to sleepy hollow
  10. cheetah twister - too many dots
  11. dis mine
  12. on sale. squirrel three-pack
  13. ooops! too deep. help!
  14. no photos please
  15. who needs photoshop? nature does it better!
  16. wishing for a chipmunk prince
  17. ant tango
  18. in training for the cirque de soleil
  19. on guard
  20. say cheese
  21. chicken run
  22. luscious lips
  23. sheesh, my head is heavy today
  24. hi!

1 Say What?

puffin, bird, beak, vertebrate, fauna, By Mary Swaby

2 This Bear Got His Angel Wings Early

bird, vertebrate, wildlife, fauna, water bird, By Adam Parsons

3 Sh*t Happens

water buffalo, mammal, vertebrate, wildlife, fauna, By Tom stables

4 Survival 101: CAMOUFLAGE

savanna, wildlife, grassland, fauna, ecosystem, By James Mitson

5 They Lied. Snow Diving is Not Fun

vertebrate, bird, fauna, winter, snow, By Angela Bohlke

6 F*ck You

mammal, vertebrate, wildlife, fauna, primate, By Gil Gofer

7 Rodent Yoga

nature, mammal, vertebrate, wildlife, fauna, By Olivier Steiner

8 Rango Unchained

nature, close up, grass, grass family, bird, By Anup Doodhar

9 Penguins Come to Sleepy Hollow

bird, beak, vertebrate, fauna, flightless bird, By Charles Kinsey

10 Cheetah Twister - Too Many Dots

leopard, mammal, cheetah, vertebrate, wildlife, By Ross Couper

11 Dis Mine

macaque, japanese macaque, mammal, vertebrate, old world monkey, By Nicolas de Vaulx

12 On Sale. Squirrel Three-Pack

mammal, squirrel, vertebrate, wildlife, fauna, By Yvette Richard

14 Ooops! Too Deep. Help!

mammal, elephant, wildlife, indian elephant, fauna, By Markus Pavlowsky

15 No Photos Please

mammal, vertebrate, harbor seal, polar bear, seals, By Adam White

16 Who Needs Photoshop? Nature Does It Better!

bird, vertebrate, beak, bird of prey, wildlife, By Barb D'Arpino

17 Wishing for a Chipmunk Prince

squirrel, chipmunk, mammal, vertebrate, wildlife, By Isabelle Marozza

18 Ant Tango

nature, green, macro photography, insect, photography, By Usman Priyona

19 In Training for the Cirque De Soleil

mammal, vertebrate, fauna, squirrel, rodent, By Michael Erwin

20 On Guard

umbrella, windsports, wind, kite sports, By Rosario El Cordoba

21 Say Cheese

mammal, vertebrate, fauna, wildlife, zebra, By Alison Mees

22 Chicken Run

black, flightless bird, bird, ratite, ostrich, By Daniel Auerman


marine biology, underwater, fish, biology, reef, By Craig Moore

24 Sheesh, My Head is Heavy Today

bird, vertebrate, fauna, wildlife, prairie, By Mario Gustavo Fiorucci

25 Hi!

polar bear, mammal, vertebrate, snow, winter, By Philip Marazzi

Just an important note:
Founded by two passionate wildlife photographers, this quirky competition showcases the cute silliness of glorious animal kingdom.

The competition organisation works together with the Born Free Foundation, the animal welfare and conservation charity that takes action worldwide to save lives, stop suffering and protect species in the wild.

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