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Liven up Your Conversations with the Silliest Sounding Words ...

By Holly

The English language is filled with so many terms that there's bound to be some silly sounding words. Of course, even if a word sounds ridiculous, it can still have a serious definition. Here are some silly sounding words that you can use in any typical conversation:

1 Canoodle

Canoodle means "to hug and kiss." It's a form of affection that can be done in public or private. The next time your friend talks about how great her date with her boyfriend went, ask her if they canoodled. Don't be surprised if she's confused, because it's one of the silly sounding words that sounds fictional.

2 Cockamamie

Cockamamie means "absurd or ridiculous." It's the perfect word to use when you're upset by something that happened. When your favorite show starts to go downhill, you'll wonder which writer came up with the cockamamie story idea.


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3 Hoosegow

Hoosegow is "a jail or prison." If you want to describe the plot of Orange is the New Black to your friends, tell them that Piper is thrown into the hoosegow with a bunch of other female criminals.

4 Malarkey

Malarkey means "nonsense or balderdash." When your sibling tries to blame you for something you didn't do, insist that their accusation is malarkey.

5 Lollygag

Lollygag means "to move slowly or fall behind." When you're trying to rush to class on time and your friends are taking their sweet time, tell them to stop lollygagging.

6 Nincompoop

A nincompoop is "a foolish person." The next time that someone is acting idiotic, don't call them stupid. Call them a nincompoop.

7 Skedaddle

Skedaddle means "to hurry somewhere." So when your friends are lollygagging, tell them that they better skedaddle.

8 Shenanigan

A shenanigan is a "prank or form of mischief." When kids decide to toilet paper someone's house on Halloween, they are partaking in shenanigans.

9 Discombobulate

Discombobulate means "to confuse," which is a perfect definition, because the word can sound quite confusing. When you're unable to figure out the tip at a restaurant, say that you're discombobulated.

10 Comeuppance

Comeuppance means "a punishment that someone deserves to receive." When your least favorite celebrity is thrown in the hoosegow, you can claim that they got their comeuppance.

11 Collywobbles

Collywobbles means "a stomachache." Instead of telling a nurse that your belly hurts, simply tell her that you have the collywobbles.

12 Squabble

Squabble means "a noisy quarrel over something trivial." So when you're in a heated argument with your parents over the correct pronunciation of GIF, you're partaking in a squabble.

13 Flummoxed

Flummoxed means "bewildered or perplexed." If you can't figure out how Sherlock Holmes is able to solve a crime, you're flummoxed by the situation.

14 Ramshackle

Ramshackle means "appearing ready to collapse." If you're ready to cross over a ramshackle bridge, then you should probably rethink your path if you wish to remain alive.

15 Hodgepodge

Hodgepodge means "a confused mixture." It's the perfect word to use when you're throwing a bunch of random things together, like at a garage sale.

Try to use at least a few of these words in your conversations today. It's important to build your vocabulary, because the more words you know, the better you'll be at articulating your emotions. Even though these words sound silly, they have definitions that make them useful. What's your favorite word on the list?

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