Super Silly Jokes and Puns for Animal Lovers Everywhere ...


Super Silly Jokes and Puns for Animal Lovers Everywhere ...
Super Silly Jokes and Puns for Animal Lovers Everywhere ...

There are hundreds of corny jokes for animal lovers that will either make you laugh or roll your eyes. Either way, they're guaranteed to entertain you. By the time you're done reading these jokes for animal lovers, you'll be tempted to tell all of your friends, or at least your baby cousin. Are you ready? It's time to brace yourself for the wild ride.

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What do You Call a Cold Dog Sitting on a Bunny?

"A chili dog on a bun." I mean, who isn't a fan of puns? This is one of the corny jokes for animal lovers that you have to admit is clever.

2 What Happens to a Frog's Car when It Breaks down?

"It gets toad away." Luckily, the frog was able to hop all the way home. He didn't really need a car, anyway.


This joke is a play on words, using the similarity between the words "toad" and "towed." It is meant to be a lighthearted and humorous way to imagine what might happen if a frog's car were to break down. This type of joke is commonly enjoyed by animal lovers and can be found in many different forms and variations. It is often used as a way to lighten the mood and bring a smile to someone's face. Additionally, frogs are known for their ability to hop long distances, so the idea of the frog not needing a car is also a nod to their natural abilities.


What Did the Dog Say to the Piece of Toast?

"Are you pure bred?" While there's nothing wrong with dogs who aren't pure bred, you would hope that the toast you're eating for breakfast is purely bread.


Why do Hummingbirds Hum?

"Because they don't know the words." How else are they going to get that song out of their head? They have to sing along somehow.


What do You Call a Duck That Steals?

"A Robber Duck." Rubber ducks are so last season. All of the cool ducks are climbing out of the water and over to the bank.

6 What do You Call a Mommy Cow That Just Had a Calf?

"Decalfinated." Even people who hate coffee can appreciate this joke. Of course, the mommy cow would rather you drink that coffee than her milk.


Does a Dolphin Ever do Something by Accident?

"No, they do everything on porpoise." They're very intelligent creatures. I mean, have you ever seen The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

8 Where do Mice Park Their Boats?

"At the hickory dickory dock." They had to settle for that dock, because there were no clocks around. Everyone uses their phones to tell time.

9 What Goes Tick-tock, Bow-wow, Tick-tock, Bow-wow?

"A watch dog." A dog is a man's best friend, after all. You might as well rely on him to keep you safe.

10 What do You Call Lending Money to a Bison?

"A buff-a-loan." Just don't be mad if they don't pay you back.

11 What do You Call a Baby Bear with No Teeth?

"A gummy bear!" Fortunately, you do have teeth, so you can eat him as a delicious snack.

12 What do You Call a Deer with No Eyes?

"No I deer!" Someone might get the answer to this joke right without even trying. They just don't know what to say, so they tell you they have no idea.

13 What Fish Only Swims at Night?

"A starfish." Make sure you make a wish on the first one you see.


What is a Lion’s Favorite State?

"Maine." Maine is as beautiful as a lion's mane. Everyone in the animal kingdom knows it.

15 What do You Call a Dinosaur in a Car Accident?

"A tyrannosaurus wreck." Just make sure you help him get out of the car, because his arms are too tiny to remove his seat belt.

Tell your friends these jokes and enjoy their reactions. What's your favorite animal joke?

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Love love love. Punny jokes are my favorite. You just gave me a months' worth of material!!

They're so silly 😄

What do you call a deer with no legs and no eyes? Still no eye deer

I think they're cute jokes, and it's kindergarten

very cute jokes! Thanks for sharing :)

good god this r kindergarden jokes


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