Ridiculously Funny Sounding Words You Can Use to Confuse Your Friends ...


Ridiculously Funny Sounding Words You Can Use to Confuse Your Friends ...
Ridiculously Funny Sounding Words You Can Use to Confuse Your Friends ...

There are some ridiculous sounding words in the English language. The ones we use every single day sound normal to us, because we're used to them, but the ones that we've never heard of still sound bizarre. Here are some of the most ridiculous sounding words that we have that you've probably never heard before:

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This is one of the ridiculous sounding words that means "a vigorous or noisy discussion or dispute." The next time your friends have a fight, calm them down by calling the argument an argle-bargle. It'll make everything sound less serious.



This word means "a sickness occasioned by intemperance (as in food or drink)." The word is mostly used when talking about drinking alcohol, so make sure to only use it after you see someone come home from a drunken night of fun.



This word means "a scene of uproar and disorder or a heated argument." If saying 'argle-bargle' doesn't calm your friends down after their argument, try using 'donnybrook' instead. If that doesn't work, then it's probably time to leave and let them work out their differences on their own.



This word means "to paint (the face) with cosmetics." So when your mom asks you why you're taking so long in the bathroom, use the word 'fard' instead of telling her that you're busy applying make-up.



This word means "a frivolous, flighty, or excessively talkative person." If your boyfriend won't shut up, then call him a flibbertigibbet. He won't have a clue what you're saying, but he'll realize it's an insult, and that's all that really matters, isn't it?



This word means "a fringe or ruffle." If you have a fringe on your coat, you can call it a furbelow. You might get stares as you say it, because people will certainly misunderstand, but that shouldn't stop you from using it.



This word means "to swindle someone." If someone tricks you into buying something for a higher price than it's worth, then it's time to use this word. Don't be too eager to use it, of course, because it's never fun to be in that type of situation.



This word means "a clumsy or awkward youth." So when your little sister is bumbling around the house, call her a hobbledehoy. She might think that you made it up, but she should get the point. You might even teach her a new word and make her the star of her second grade class.



This word means "an impertinent person." It's the perfect insult for the next time you're angry. The best part? No one will know what you're actually trying to say unless they have a dictionary on them.



This word means "lacking energy, strength, or courage." So the next time you're feeling lazy, bust out this word. There's nothing wrong with making fun of yourself every once in a while.



This word means "counterclockwise." If you're looking to confuse someone, then use this words instead of simply telling them to go the opposite way that a clock goes.

The more we use these words, the less strange they'll sound to us. What's the most ridiculous sounding word in the English language that you know?

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What are you doing taking so long in the bathroom? "I'm FARDING"! Talk about long winded! Haha!

A lot of these are still in use in UK. Flibbertigibbett is not classed as insult and normally used for a saucy sort of girl.

I remember flibbertigibbet from sound of music lol. Never knew that's what they were saying. It all makes sense now lol!

Great I'll use them all!


Yes, at least some of these are good for toastmaster meetings. Thanks for word suggestions!

For the meeting, though don't use words referring to boys or girls as you shouldn't try to offend other members.

I wish kerfuffle was on here

Super! I like #4:)!

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