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30 Dogs Wearing Hats Because Why Not?

By Jennifer

Dogs wearing hats can be funny, but they can also cause cuteness overload! For no other reason than "It's Wednesday," here are some of the cutest dogs wearing the most adorable hats. You're welcome.

1 Adorable Golden Retriever

Adorable Golden RetrieverVia Happy Weekend!
Doggies need to keep their ears warm, too!

2 Fancy

FancyShe's so fancy, you already know...


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3 Greyhound!

Greyhound!Via Italian Greyhound IGGY
Is that a frog or a toad?

4 Banana Peel

Banana PeelVia Community Post: 50 Hilarious Dogs ...
Only on a doggie could a banana peel be an adorable accessory.

5 Hat + Scarf Combo

Hat + Scarf ComboVia Items similar to The Blue ...
I don't know anyone or anything who would look this cute in a hat/scarf combo.

6 Stripes

StripesVia Dog hat crocheted, Valentines Day ...
It's doing nothing to keep her ears warm, but it sure is cute!

7 Corgi

CorgiVia Daily Awww: Dog lovers huddle ...
Technically, he's not "wearing" the hat, but he's darling and dapper anyway!

8 Aww!

Aww!Via French Bulldog Puppies For Sale, ...
So cute!

9 Very Handsome Scottish Terrier

Very Handsome Scottish TerrierVia Dogs
It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

10 Cowboy Hat

Cowboy HatVia Tiny cowboy.
Aside from a few real-life cowboys, I can't think of anyone cuter in a cowboy hat.

11 Slouchy

This greyhound is a total hipster.

12 I'm Batpug!

I'm Batpug!Via Batpug Returns
Not a hat, more like a mask, but so?

13 Tiny!

Tiny!Via Monkey Pup Hat
You could probably knit this with the yarn in one mitten.

14 Hello Doggie?!

Hello Doggie?!Via Betty Bow Dog Hat
Turn your pooch pal into a Hello Kitty look-alike.

15 Party Wear

Party WearVia Meet Instagram's Most Dapper French ...
He's ready for the party!

16 Christmas!

He's getting into the holiday spirit!

17 Antlers

AntlersVia Pet Toys Made in China ...
Doggies can have antlers, too.

18 Boston Froggie Doggies

Boston Froggie DoggiesVia Community Post: 64 Photos Of ...
Two froggie-clad Bostons are better than one.

19 Sock?

Sock?Via hundmössa i multicolor-garn i blå, ...
Oh my gosh, this hat/neck warmer combo is very cute!

20 Doxie

DoxieVia Google Translate
Is she a southern belle, or just a lady?

21 Scarf

ScarfVia How to wear a scarf ...
It's a people-scarf, re-imagined.

22 Cut-Outs

Cut-OutsVia Crochet Doggie Hat Pattern pattern ...
This hat features clever cut-outs for doggie's ears.

23 Bonnet

BonnetVia Pictures of Miniature Dachshund Dog ...
One of the signs of spring: your doggie breaks out her Easter bonnet.

24 Bad to the Bone

Bad to the BoneVia Mishhel Jane
He's such a rebel!

25 Sombrero

SombreroVia Dogs Wearing Hats (34 Cute ...
What other sort of head wear would a chihuahua wear?

26 Puff Balls

Puff BallsVia Dog Hat - Custom Snuggly ...
Puff balls for ears - total cuteness!

27 Another Hipster

Another HipsterVia
He's on his way to Starbuck's for sure.

28 Big Hat

Big HatThis must be his human's hat.

29 Flowers

FlowersVia Seriously Funny Cards
Another Easter bonnet, or just everyday spring finery?

30 Birthday

BirthdayVia Blue Cupcake Dog Birthday Hat
Puppies celebrate birthdays, too!

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