9 of the Wittiest Puns You Must Hear ...


A cheesy one-liner sits somewhere near the top of my guilty pleasures list and I have a knack of coming up with some of the wittiest puns this side of Lincoln. There is a joy in the creative side of such an art as well as the inevitable moans and groans that a joke of such simplicity can bring. A quirky piece of word play can lighten up the darkest of rooms and leave the masses in fits of laughter. Please enjoy some of my favourite wittiest puns – I guarantee they will brighten up your day. After all, laughter is the best form of medicine.

1. Velcro – What a Rip off

Comedy is like anything in life - at its finest when it is kept simple and this philosophy can be applied to all of the wittiest puns you are about to get a taste of. Feel your stomach muscles ache as these five words are uttered in your direction. That’s right, just five words. It’s easy this comedy business wouldn’t you agree?

I Used to Have a Fear of Hurdles, but I Got over It