7 Funny Latin Phrases You'll Benefit from Learning ...


7 Funny Latin Phrases You'll Benefit from Learning ...
7 Funny Latin Phrases You'll Benefit from Learning ...

You can be hilarious in more than one language if you learn some funny Latin phrases. The language is rarely used, but that doesn't mean that we should completely forget about it. You don't have to learn every word, but you can teach yourself some funny Latin phrases to keep the language alive. Here are some silly ones that you can start with:

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Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist

"Non torsii subligarium" is one of the funny Latin phrases to use the next time your friends are freaking out over something small. If you don't want them to get overly excited, use this phrase. It's funny in English, but it's even funnier when you use a language that they're not familiar with. Of course, make sure that you tell them what it means after you say it. You want them to be in on the joke.


Latin is a language that has been around for centuries, and it is still used today in many countries around the world. It is the official language of the Vatican City and is spoken by many people in countries such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal. It is also one of the official languages of the European Union.

Latin has a long and rich history, and it is known for its complex grammar and structure. It is also known for its many phrases and idioms that are still used to this day. One of these phrases is “Non torsii subligarium”, which translates to “Don’t get your knickers in a twist”. This phrase is used to tell someone to remain calm and not get overly excited about something small.

This phrase is especially useful for those who want to have some fun with their friends. It can be used as a joke or as a way to lighten the mood in a conversation. Even if your friends don’t understand Latin, they will still be able to appreciate the humor in the phrase. It is also a great way to learn a bit of Latin and impress your friends with your knowledge.


I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

When you eat a little bit more than you were planning on eating, say, "Non possum credere me totum edisse." No one else has to know what it means. It can be your little secret. That way, no one will know about your snacking, and they'll think you're intelligent due to your knowledge of the Latin language.


Indeed, Latin can be your cheeky accomplice in culinary indulgence. Amat victoria curam, they say, meaning "Victory loves preparation." Prepare your excuse in advance with a Latin quip, and you've already won half the battle against the raised eyebrows of your diet-conscious friends. Plus, it adds an air of mystery and erudition to your post-feast relaxation. So, recline like a Roman emperor, content in the knowledge that you've combined dining with a sprinkle of ancient sophistication.

Frequently asked questions

Funny Latin phrases are witty or humorous sayings that originate from the Latin language. They can add a touch of erudition and humor to your conversations. Examples include 'Non torsii subligarium' (Don't get your knickers in a twist) and 'Carpe Vinum' (Seize the wine).

Absolutely! While Latin may be considered a 'dead' language, many Latin phrases are still used today. They can be a fun way to sound a bit more sophisticated or to joke with friends who appreciate a bit of ancient wit.

'Non torsii subligarium' is a humorous twist on Latin, meaning 'Don't get your knickers in a twist'. It's a way of telling someone not to get too worked up about something in a light-hearted manner.

Yes, there are lots of fake Latin phrases that sound like they could be genuine. They are often created for comedic effect or to spoof the highbrow status of Latin. They can be a playful addition to your repertoire of sayings.

Learning funny Latin phrases can be a great ice-breaker or conversation starter. It shows off a bit of your personality and humor, and can even help you remember important Latin roots that are common in English vocabulary.


Stupid is as Stupid Does

You may have heard the phrase, "Stultus est sicut stultus facit" from Forrest Gump. If you want to insult someone without sounding cliche, then all you have to do is learn these words. The next time you're annoyed with someone, you can say it to them, and they won't even know whether you're insulting them or complimenting them. It's the beauty of knowing the dying language.


Even better, Latin phrases like these are perfect for those moments when you want to keep an air of sophistication and intellectual mystique while warding off any ill will. After all, it's not every day someone gets told off in the language of Cicero and Virgil. So while they're scratching their heads, you'll be walking away with a smirk, basking in the glory of your clever evasion. Just picture the scene – a blend of cultural flourish and subtle sass – and that's pure linguistic gold.


May the Force Be with You

If you're a huge Star Wars fan, then say, "Sit vis nobiscum." No one will know that you're quoting the famous films. They'll just think that you have something insightful to say, and won't know that it's not original.


"Sit vis nobiscum" indeed carries an air of gravitas, with its echoes of ancient wisdom. Picture using it to inspire confidence just before a big meeting or when you're gearing up for a challenge. Your friends might just throw you curious glances, impressed by your apparent depth. And the best part? Aside from the knowing chuckles from fellow enthusiasts, this phrase lets you subtly incorporate a little fun into everyday situations, sparing anyone the need for a geeky confession, unless, of course, you want to share the joke!

Pro tip: Mastering the pronunciation adds to the mystique, so practice that Latin enunciation.


What's Your Sign?

The next time you see a hot guy, ask him, "Quo signo nata es?" It's one of the corny pick-up lines that people have used for years, but it has a special twist when you say it in Latin. It'll show him that you're a smart lady that deserves the very best.


Speak of the Devil

When you're talking about your best friend, and then she walks into the room, say, "Lupus in fabula." It's one of the easiest phrases to learn, because it's so short and simple to say. If you don't learn any other Latin words, then at least memorize these three. It won't take very long.


I Love Food

Who doesn't love to eat? If you're in the mood for a snack, say, "Cibum amo." You'll sound like an intelligent woman, even though you're saying something that is so simple. Of course, no one will know what you're saying, so you can get away with sounding fancy.

Latin is a beautiful language, but you can string the words together to make silly phrases. The best part of this language is that it'll be rare for you to meet another who knows how to speak it. You'll be one of a kind! How many different languages do you know how to speak?

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Mihi nomen Sara est. I hope I said that right ! Can you guy figure out what I said ? U probably could .

This is te stupidest article

#3 .. stultum facit. facere mandates the noun in accusative case.

What's the Latin for " hopeless memory"?

Idiotic to assume nobody else knows Latin !

#1 "ne" is commonly used instead of "non" in direct address.

Hopeless memory- "spem memoriae"

Lupus in fabula is wolf in a forest

How do you say "I love you" and "what's going on?" In Latin please??

Correct translation: sit vis vobiscum Nos = We Vos = You

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