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71 Funny Signs to Make You Chuckle and Scratch Your Head ...

By Neecey

I love to see funny signs. Whether by design or because of a spelling mistake or type, a funny sign can always raise a smile. And some funny signs are simply disturbing! Here's a mixture of funny signs resulting from fails, errors, sharp-wittedness and clever word play.

1 No Soliciting

No Soliciting There are lots of funny signs about unsolicited visitors. Or in more simple terms - Go Away!

2 Talking

Talking Someone obviously believes conversation is a dying art.

3 Outdoor Humour

Outdoor Humour I'll have me one of those!

4 Low Aspirations

Low Aspirations There's hope for everybody - apparently

5 Sisters

Sisters Well that's one way to describe the bonds of sisterhood.

6 Vegetarians

Vegetarians A witty meat lover's view of vegetarianism.

7 More Wine

More Wine Now that's a life philosophy I can get to grips with.

8 Beware the Crocodiles

Beware the Crocodiles I'm not sure which is more disturbing: Runaway wheelchairs? Crocodiles? Or that they should both be together on an urban street?

9 Body Conscious

Body Conscious Bare your lumpy bits confidently!

10 Women Rule

Women Rule We know behind every good man is a great woman.

11 Choices

Choices Just think - how many great writers were known for their love of the drink?

12 Health Warning

Health Warning Well that sure gets the message across. N'est-ce pas?

Lucy & 13 hahahaha...

13 Mean

Mean And they wonder why there's road rage?

14 Free Pot

Free Pot Pothead Heaven!

15 Trees

Trees Hmm - stating the obvious? Why? Who would need to be told that? Get out of the way - there's a tree coming!

16 Drowning

Drowning Is it just me or does that sign really mean alien creature emerges from Cocoon

17 Avon Calling

Avon Calling Resourceful!

18 Diet Advice

Diet Advice We know fast food is bad for us - why hide it! Shout it loud, shout it proud.

19 Alligators

Alligators I wonder if it works for all males species?

20 Anger ManagemenT

Anger ManagemenT Time to review the lesson plan as something clearly isn't working.

21 Nature Lover

Nature Lover That's the kind of definition of nature lover I can relate to.

22 Road Safety

Road Safety Tell it like it is!

23 Chocolate

Chocolate Who can't relate to this?

24 Chinese Food

Chinese Food Has someone been outstaying their welcome?

25 Rude Food

Rude Food Is this a diner for men only? Eww!

26 The MEaning of Life

The MEaning of Life We're all as confused as each other

27 Salesmanship

Salesmanship These guys could sell snow to the Eskimos

28 Hiring Now

Hiring Now I wonder who has the qualifications to work here?

29 The Impossible

The Impossible How to create confusion 101.

30 Stereotypes

Stereotypes The power of one!

31 Forgiveness

Forgiveness Just one more reason to find it in your heart to forgive.

32 Bargain

Bargain This store won' be beaten on price!

33 Farmville

Farmville This sign writer keeps up with the times!

34 Queen Bee

Queen Bee We know who wears the trousers in this household

35 Shopping

Shopping That just about sums it up.

36 Pay Attenion

Pay Attenion Will they even take their eyes off the screen long enough to notice the sign?

37 Burger Love

Burger Love Well that's a ringing endorsement isn't it. Can't wait to eat here.

38 Beware

Beware Don't let the organic brigade see the slow kids! They'll be serving them up at the farmers market.

39 Unfortunate

Unfortunate Erm - chicken poopers anyone?

Zoey jalepenis...

40 Family

Family I'm sure there's plenty of you who can relate to this.

41 Warning

Warning No, this is not a warning to behave at the zoo. It's a sign in a shop selling a new range of wildlife furniture - turtle stools!

42 Trash

Trash How many kinds of trash are there?

43 Shooting

Shooting I think the local gunmen took umbrage at this sign.

44 Street

Street When is a street not a street?

45 Movie News

Movie News The unfortunate juxtaposition of words never fails to amuse.

46 Towed

Towed Free toad anyone?

47 Cake

Cake Ok! Sounds ... delighful!

48 Safety Improvements

Safety Improvements Well that's encouraging - not!

49 Trespassing

Trespassing Someone has failed to understand the meaning of trespassing. Big time!

50 Seafood

Seafood Lost in translation

51 Apology

Apology I'm sure Connecticut has plenty of other attributes to commend it.

52 Pool Sign

Pool Sign The way every pool should be

53 Goats

Goats Only in Scotland!

54 Push!

Push! Even OBGYNs have a sense of humor!

55 Gas

Gas Is this laughing gas?

56 Directions

Directions I have absolutely no idea - all suggestions welcomed!

JulesB Applicable to multi-laned road systems. If you wan...

57 Secondhand Cows

Secondhand Cows Are used cows not as good as new cows then?

58 Nude Bathing

Nude Bathing Check the bottom sign.

59 Vegan Cows

Vegan Cows Now that is one witty butcher!

60 Rest Rooms

Rest Rooms Toilets for sexually confused people?

61 Dragons

Dragons Security for Gringotts is branching out. Anyone got a sorceror's stone or a horcrux to protect?

62 Graffiti

Graffiti There's always one isn't there?

63 Gender Issues

Gender Issues I wonder if you have to show the package before you get your free drink?

64 For Sale

For Sale In what universe are puppies and weapons retail bedfellows?

65 Truism

Truism Sometimes... signs speak the simple truth.

66 Brains

Brains I know a few people who could do with some cut-price brains.

67 Hispanic Food

Hispanic Food I love Hispanics but I couldn't eat a whole one!

68 Church

Church God always speaks the truth.

69 Don't Feed the Animals

Don't Feed the Animals Animals can't read!

70 Philosophy

Philosophy It always comes back to cats!

71 Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating They say vinegar will stop pregnancy! What if you only sprinkle it on your fries?

What are the funniest funny signs you've seen? Any in your hometown?

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