51 Jokes That Will Make You Giggle or Groan ...


51 Jokes  That Will Make You Giggle or Groan ...
51 Jokes  That Will Make You Giggle or Groan ...

If you're a huge fan of John Green, the writer of The Fault in Our Stars, then you probably know all about his brother, Hank. The video down below stars the hysterical Green brother. You can hear him tell random jokes that'll either make you laugh out loud or groan. But either way, you're going to end up telling the jokes to your friends later in the day.

Are you ready? The video is right here:

Now you have over fifty new jokes to tell your friends! It's a great way to break the silence in a dull conversation. What's the best joke that you've ever heard?

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Oh nooooo....bad jokes and cringe worthy!

I'm sorry but these were not funny

@Kim 😂😂😂

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