10 Awesome Pie Charts to Make You Chuckle ...

By Jennifer

I do love a good Venn diagram, but for some reason, there's nothing like a pie chart to make me chuckle. Here are a few funny ones I've found.

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text, font, diagram, product, line, This is absolutely true.



text, font, diagram, logo, line, This one gets me every time. Heh.



text, font, diagram, line, circle, How they get caught: meddling kids.


Me Too!

text, font, product, diagram, line, And my grandmother. They forgot my grandmother.


Poor Voldemort

TM Racing, text, font, diagram, product, Maybe we'd all be cranky and somewhat evil, too.

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli


Nawapi, text, font, diagram, product, Seriously, why are most of the people who friend me the people I want to avoid most?


Every Time

text, font, diagram, product, line, Also, when I make tea: get the leaf and cup ready, tidy up... and stare at the kettle.


Where's the Lie?

text, font, diagram, product, line, Everything was better, right?


Why so Angry?

text, font, diagram, product, line, This is exactly how I read it: WHY YOU ARE YELLING?


I Swear

TM Racing, text, font, product, diagram, This is exactly why I hated maths in every form.

Have you seen another funny pie chart you can share?

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can't see pie charts

Yeah I don't know why people write in all caps msg when they didn't mean to yell ??!!

I agree with how things were better in my backs days

Last one's so perfect

I can't see the pie charts

Omg lol it's actually super funny XD thanks for telling me how to see it