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10 Awesome Pie Charts to Make You Chuckle ...

By Jennifer

I do love a good Venn diagram, but for some reason, there's nothing like a pie chart to make me chuckle. Here are a few funny ones I've found.

1 Cosmo

text, font, diagram, product, line, This is absolutely true.

2 Ha!

text, font, diagram, logo, line, This one gets me every time. Heh.

3 Scooby

text, font, diagram, line, circle, How they get caught: meddling kids.

4 Me Too!

text, font, product, diagram, line, And my grandmother. They forgot my grandmother.

5 Poor Voldemort

TM Racing, text, font, diagram, product, Maybe we'd all be cranky and somewhat evil, too.

6 Facebook

Nawapi, text, font, diagram, product, Seriously, why are most of the people who friend me the people I want to avoid most?

7 Every Time

text, font, diagram, product, line, Also, when I make tea: get the leaf and cup ready, tidy up... and stare at the kettle.

8 Where's the Lie?

text, font, diagram, product, line, Everything was better, right?

9 Why so Angry?

text, font, diagram, product, line, This is exactly how I read it: WHY YOU ARE YELLING?

10 I Swear

TM Racing, text, font, product, diagram, This is exactly why I hated maths in every form.

Have you seen another funny pie chart you can share?

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