13 Funny Replies to Overused Pesky Pick-up Lines ...


13 Funny Replies to Overused Pesky Pick-up Lines ...
13 Funny Replies to Overused Pesky Pick-up Lines ...

It's a compliment to get hit on, but sometimes you just want to be left alone, which is why you need clever replies to pick up lines. They'll let your admirer know that you're not willing to be messed with. Here are some useful replies to pick up lines:

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Are You from Heaven?

If someone asks you if you’re from heaven, take a cue from Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother and say, “Yeah, I’m a ghost. I died fifteen years ago, like that pick-up line.” It instantly lets him know that his lack of originality is laughable. This is one of the replies to pick up lines that will put you in the position of power, and make him slink away.


What’s Your Sign?

Instead of telling him that you're an Aries, tell him your sign is, "Do not enter." This lets him know that you're not willing to be toyed with. Chances are he's not into astrology, anyway.


Where Have You Been All My Life?

"Hiding from you." This will either make him laugh or walk away. If you're lucky, it'll be the latter.


This text is a reply to one of the most common pick-up lines used by men. It is a humorous response that can be used to make a man laugh or make him walk away. This text can be found in an article on a women-focused blog in the category of "funny". The article provides 13 different funny replies to overused and pesky pick-up lines. The replies are written to be light-hearted and entertaining and are intended to give women a humorous way to respond to these lines.


Hey, is This Seat Empty?

"Yeah. But mine will be too if you sit down." Make sure you keep this promise if he takes the seat, despite your protest. Otherwise, he'll think you were just joking around.


Do You Believe in Love at First Sight or Should I Walk by Again?

"Yeah, but this time, don’t stop." If he's smart, your reply will get him to stop using that pick up line on girls until the end of his days. If not, at least the next girl won't be you.


Can I Buy You a Drink?

"Will you buy my boyfriend one, too?" Whether or not you're with another guy, he'll get the hint. It's not very subtle, but it gets the job done.


Haven’t I Seen You Someplace before?

"Yeah, that’s why I don’t go there anymore." Of course, if you really do see him frequently, try not to be too offensive. You don't want things to get awkward.


What Would You Say if I Asked You out?

"Nothing. I can’t talk and laugh at the same time." This is a little rude, but sometimes that's just what you need to get your point across. If you treat him too nicely, he'll be there to stay.


If I Could Rearrange the Alphabet, I'd Put U and I Together

You have a couple of choices here. You can say, "Well, I'd put G and O together," "I'd put H and A together," or you could be super bold and say, "I'd put F and U together." Choose whatever feels right.


Do You Believe in Fate?

"No, but I believe in bad luck." After this line, you'll either get into an intense debate about fate and bad luck, or he'll be gone for good. With any hope, you'll get to rest your voice.


Where Have I Seen You before?

"In your wildest dreams." This lets him know that he doesn't stand a chance without being too rude. If he wants to see you again, all he has to do is close his eyes.


I Could Make You Happy

"How? Are you leaving?" If he doesn't end up leaving, remember that you're free to walk away, as well. No sense sticking around.


Your Place or Mine?

"Both. You go to yours and I’ll go to mine." After this, you can head back home and watch Netflix. At least the boys on Sherlock are dignified.

Sometimes, pick up lines are fun and harmless. At other times, men try to use them to seduce you, which is why you need to be able to shoot back a quick reply. What's the craziest pick up line someone has ever used on you?

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wow! I need to remember by heart all those quick but very clear answers!!;) lol

that was fun...this made laugh!!!!

Love this!

For the alphabet one it's better to say "why when n and o are already together?", great comebacks tho!

Sherlock is completely dignified

so why even go to a bar if your going to be ride to the people there? just stay home!! they were funny though!!

what a mean article. it's hard enough for guy's to make a move on a woman. this article tells me that it's ok to be rude to another human being. their crime? coming to speak to me!

Very Funny. I like number 7

I swear I was laughing while reading this.This has got to be one of the best things I've ever read

These are mean. It probably took that guy a lot of courage to walk up to you... Idk there has to be a better way

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