7 Funny TED Talks That'll Make You Laugh in No Time ...


Funny TED talks share ideas worth spreading while making you laugh, which is a win-win in my book. The talks may be ingenious or informative, what have you. But good public speaking skills can get across tricky topics better than you can imagine. These are some funny TED talks that’ll make you laugh in no time!

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Maz Jobrani

I liked this funny TED talk because it debunks some of the stigma we have build up around people from the Middle East. I find it funny to hear about how many kisses each country gives in greeting. Comedian Maz Jobrani does a great job in talking about cultures. Two kisses before the revolution and three kisses after, right? How could you not support this regime? It’s great!


Seth Godin

Some things are broken in our world that don’t get fixed. This hilarious TED talk addresses some of them. Take, for instance, dog medicine that discourages the use of driving a car or consuming with alcohol. Seriously? Seth Godin is chock-full of real-life examples that make his talk compelling and inspiring.


Improv Everywhere

Improv can take place anywhere for the enjoyment of those around. This TED talk is a great example because while starting his talk, the speaker is interrupted by singing audience members trying to express their deep desire to share online constantly. Improv is a great way to create light-hearted amusement for the pleasure of people nearby - or online, if you’re watching it in video form!


Carin Bondar

It’s time to talk about the birds and the bees. But it goes further than that. In fact, our understanding of sex needs some renovation. Carin Bondar gives this witty and well-written talk about intercourse. She’s funny and informative. Think you know all there is to know about sex? Think again! Check out what Bondar offers in her TED talk.


Joe Kowan

Joe Kowan talks about his battle with stage fright. I like how he ties in the physiological effects that fear has on your body in the moment. He takes a funny approach to addressing this topic but he used music to help him overcome his fear. With practice he worked at it, which inspires me that you can overcome any fear. He concludes by singing the song he wrote about stage fright. It’s great!


Joe Kowan is an American singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington. He is best known for his humorous and lighthearted approach to addressing topics such as stage fright. In his TED Talk, Kowan talks about his own battle with stage fright and how he used music to overcome it. He explains the physiological effects that fear can have on your body in the moment, and how with practice, you can learn to manage fear and even turn it into something positive. Kowan ends the talk by singing the song he wrote about stage fright, bringing a lighthearted and humorous take to a difficult subject. His talk is sure to bring a smile to your face and inspire you to tackle your own fears.


Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon Zayid has Cerebral Palsy but talks about her life as more than her illness. She’s a great comedian who makes me laugh as soon as she starts speaking. I find it funny how she auditioned for a play that starred a girl with her illness, yet she didn’t get the part. She was the only one who completely fit the role, which confused her. When she asked about it, she was told that she wouldn’t be able to do some of the tricks that the main character needs to do on stage. Zayid simply pointed out that if she can’t do them, no person with Cerebral Palsy can, including the main character.


Amy Webb

Amy Webb was at her wit's end when her last relationship ended. After hearing the advice of everyone in her life, she turned to the online dating world to find “the one.” She approached it in a very mathematical way, which actually worked out in her favor.

Laughter is the best medicine so I think it’s great to learn something while doing it. What are some other funny TED talks that make you laugh? Which one did you like the most?

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