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49 Wry Observations of Life at Work by Dilbert ...

By Neecey

For anyone who works in a corporate setting, Dilbert is so in touch with reality that it's scary. Created by American humorist Scott Davies, we can enjoy Dilbert's cubicle world as he experiences the trials of tribulations of the working day along with his pet Dogbert, and colleagues Wally and Alice, overseen by the Pointy Haired Boss and the evil Catbert, Head of Human Resources. I'm sure these following situations will resonate - loudly - with many of you.

1 Co-workers

Co-workersVia An image on imgfave

2 Shoot for the Moon

Shoot for the MoonVia What it means to be ...

3 Passwords

PasswordsVia Humor

4 Fighting Darwin

Fighting DarwinVia Fighting Darwin: Engineering Humor

5 The Mantra of AWS

The Mantra of AWSVia Internet Is Too Fascinating Mousepad ...

6 Gotta Work

Gotta WorkVia

7 Dilbert Human Resources II

Dilbert Human Resources IIVia Stuff Ashlee Would Use, that ...

8 Awesomeness

AwesomenessVia Awesomeness

9 Productivity

ProductivityVia Funny Repartee

10 Work-Life Balance

Work-Life BalanceVia

11 Karma


12 A Job is a JOB

A Job is a JOBVia Fighting Darwin: Myth: Vena Amoris

13 Challenges


14 Being Helpful

Being HelpfulVia Dilbert

15 Wally's Theory

Wally's TheoryVia Comic Strips

16 Misunderstood

MisunderstoodVia Misunderstood - a writer's comic ...

17 Management Talent

Management TalentVia Google Afbeeldingen

18 Hiring

HiringVia I’ll Show Myself Out

19 Goals

GoalsVia Fitness humor

20 Company Policy

Company PolicyVia Dilbert Comic Strip on 2013-06-20 ...

21 Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery PlanVia Your Sunday Comic Strip: 7 ...

22 401(k)

401(k)Via World's Largest Professional Network | ...

23 Marketing Humor

Marketing HumorVia

24 Dilbert’s Salary Theorem

Dilbert’s Salary TheoremVia Dilbert’s salary theorem…

25 Bonuses

BonusesVia yellow sandals are so wrong

26 Stress Relief

Stress ReliefVia Getting the Most from Career ...

27 Caring

CaringVia Keepin it Real

28 Social Media

Social Media

29 Ignorance

IgnoranceVia Feeding fear and promoting terror ...

30 E-reputation


31 Unqualified


32 Achievements

AchievementsVia Dilbert 2007 Calendar I Used ...

33 Usefulness

UsefulnessVia Online Shopping for Electronics, ...

34 Sarcasm

SarcasmVia Sarcasm is Bullying | Verbal ...

35 Wise Words of Alice

Wise Words of AliceVia wow

36 Morning People

Morning PeopleVia Dilbert: 2012 Day-to-Day Calendar: Scott ...

37 Happiness

HappinessVia The 10 Best Pointy-Haired Boss ...

38 Understanding Technical People

Understanding Technical PeopleVia Understanding Technical People [ Comic ...

39 Powerpoint Slides

Powerpoint SlidesVia World's Largest Professional Network | ...

40 Pay

PayVia The true American way

41 Coworkers

CoworkersVia Dilbert: I Love My Coworkers ...

42 Unemployment

UnemploymentVia DILBERT~Dilbert Comics~VINTAGE~Rare!!!T Shirt~NEW!!!

43 Ignorance

IgnoranceVia Comic strips | Charles Apple

44 Attraction

AttractionVia I Waste So Much Time

45 Crickets


46 Management

ManagementVia DaDa Rocks!

47 Modern Communication

Modern CommunicationVia I Waste So Much Time

48 Wisdom


49 Work!

Work!Via Ontario Highlands Friends of Wind ...

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