9 Funny Quotes for High School and College Kids ...


9 Funny Quotes for High School and College Kids ...
9 Funny Quotes for High School and College Kids ...

Whether you're a straight A student or struggling to pass your classes, you'll appreciate these funny quotes for students. It's not easy sitting through class after class, listening to your teachers blabber on about topics you won't need to know after you graduate. If you wish you could stay home and sleep instead of being stuck sitting behind a desk, you'll love the following funny quotes for students:

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At a Loss

At a Loss Even though school is meant to act as a learning experience that teaches you valuable lessons, it can seem like more of a prison. Instead of being told that you can be anything you want to be, like an astronaut or the next president, you're told to keep your expectations 'realistic.' This is one of the sad, but funny quotes for students, because it's the cold, hard truth.


Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses You spend more than enough time at school, so when you're home, you don't want to do even more work. You'll just do it in school the next day. Of course, when you're at school, you're busy wishing you were some place else, and claim that you'll do the work when you get home. It's a never-ending cycle.


Drab do-Overs

Drab do-Overs Reading is a blast, but it's easy to forget that when your teachers assign you the most boringly bland novels. When a story stops interesting you, it's easy for your mind to wander away to a happier place. Of course, that only causes trouble, because you'll have to go back and read the same chapter over again.


Mistaken Mirrors

Mistaken Mirrors Don't you hate when you spend your entire day talking to your crush, but then come home to find that your make-up is smudged and your shirt is on backwards? One glance in the mirror can ruin your entire day.


Wait until Later

Wait until Later Your teachers always warn you not to save your assignment until the night before it's due, but that doesn't stop you. You'll stay up all night finishing that ten page essay, even if it kills you. Of course, you can't let your teacher know that, so all you have to do is lie about the date.


Abandoned Buddies

Abandoned Buddies You can't get through certain classes without whispering to your best friend about how much you hate your life. When they're absent, it feels like a personal attack. How could they leave you alone to fend for yourself in such a cruel place? They must hate you.


Sounds from the Self-conscious

Sounds from the Self-conscious The only time your stomach will ever bother you is when you're in a silent room. When your classmates are chatting, you're fine, but during a test, it will make every noise it can possibly make.


Awful Artistry

Awful Artistry It's impossible for a teacher to pick up a piece of chalk without saying this phrase. They know how cruel and judgmental students can be, so they make sure to make fun of themselves before their students start doing so.


Just Too Tired

Just Too Tired Everybody wants to feel like a beauty queen, but there's never enough time to actually dress yourself up like one. When you're forced to wake up before noon, all you want to do is go back to sleep. You're not alert enough to find a fabulous outfit and style your hair. Sweatpants and a hat will work just fine.

No matter how horrible your classes are, you'll end up missing school once it's finally over. Are you enjoying your time in class, or are you counting down the days until you graduate?

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