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7 Pick-up Lines to Use around New Year's ...

By Holly

There's no better time to use pick-up lines than on New Year's Eve. It's that special time when everyone who's single is dying to find a cutie to kiss so that their year starts off positively. Don't sit alone in the corner to watch the ball drop when you could be chatting up some sexy men. Here are the silliest pick-up lines that you can use when the clock's about to strike midnight:

1 Can I Be Your First Mistake of the Year?

You don't want to be cocky. Self-deprecating humor can be the best kind of humor, so don't underestimate the power of it. This is one of the funniest pick-up lines you could use, so start off with it and see how well it works. Of course, hopefully you'll prove yourself wrong and he'll never consider you a mistake.

2 I Hear Your Resolution is to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams. Well, I’m Here

Most people share the same type of resolutions. They either want to lose weight, get a promotion, or find the love of their life. If your crush is wishing for the latter, then he'll love that you've approached him knowing exactly what he wanted. It's almost like you're psychic.

3 I’ve Heard It’s Bad Luck Not to Kiss Someone at Midnight

On New Year's Eve, everybody will be scrambling to get a kiss. That's why mentioning that you're single and don't have anyone to ring in the year with is the best way to land a date for the night. If your crush is in the same position as you, he'll have no choice but to kiss you.

4 Have You Had Enough to Drink to Think I’m Beautiful Yet?

New Year's is one of the biggest holidays for drinking. Even if you're choosing to remain sober, that doesn't mean that your friends will do the same. If you're at a party where alcohol is involved, this is an adorable line to use.

5 Let’s Ring in the New Year with a Bang!

Here's one that's a little inappropriate, so use it wisely. If you're looking for someone to spend the night with, but not someone to spend your life with, this is the way to go. It will let him know that you're ready to party.

6 My Resolution is to Only Date Hot Guys

Want to tell your crush that you find him attractive? This is the way to do so. Start off by using this line, and then hint at how badly you'd love to go out with him sometime next year. How could he turn you down?

7 I’ve Got a Party Hat. Wanna Be a Noisemaker?

If you want to be a little raunchy, this is the line for you. If you're too nervous to spit out the words, then you can carry around an actual noisemaker with you. That way, if the joke bombs, you can act like you were serious with your offer and hand them the toy.

Pick-up lines aren't very useful when you're serious about them, but if you say them as a joke, they're great ice breakers. You might as well try out a few, especially if you're dying to get a kiss at midnight. Can you think of any other New Year's pick-up lines?

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