19 Hilarious Times Our Cats Failed Us ...

By Heather

19 Hilarious Times Our Cats Failed Us ...

What you all might not know about me is I have two cats. What I've learned in the adventures of being a cat owner is that as hard as a cat tries to stay on point, they fail us … and it's so funny! Below are the best times that our cats have failed us and we caught it on camera!

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1 The Cone

The Cone

2 Crunchy!


3 Water Bottle Wrapper? Srlsy?

Water Bottle Wrapper? Srlsy?

4 All the Dots!

All the Dots!

5 New Necklace?

New Necklace?

6 'I Can do This!'

'I Can do This!'

7 Bread Anyone?

Bread Anyone?

8 I'll Just...

I'll Just...

9 'I Can Jump!'

'I Can Jump!'

10 'I Win!'

'I Win!'

11 Total Fail!

Total Fail!

13 Toilet Fail

Toilet Fail

14 Oh No...

Oh No...

15 The Bag Will Protect!

The Bag Will Protect!

16 Stay in the Box!

Stay in the Box!

17 Well, That Didn't Happen

Well, That Didn't Happen

18 The Cup!

The Cup!

19 I Fell …

I Fell … So, what was your fave? How many times has your cat failed? Share your favorite memory of your kitty-fails!

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These are Hilarious!! I love cats..I have 3 Persians

lol I had to laugh

Wowous a lot of them are actually videos that had been screenshotted before disaster struck

Hahaha funny! I dont like cats, but this makes them look adorable!

Made me laugh! So funny, I love my cat. She does #10 all the time 😆

I Win is my favorite omg 😂

this was so funny!

So funny! Loved it

Just how did they caught all of that in exact timing with a camera? 😂😂

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