11 Silly 😜 Quotes for Ladies Who Hate 😖 Cleaning 🚰 ...

Do you put off cleaning for as long as you can? If you do, then Good Housekeeping has some relatable quotes that you'll find hilarious. Here they are:

1. Excuse the Mess

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It's impossible to keep a house completely clean when there are actual people living in it.

2. Save the Earth

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The dishes aren't exciting enough to make us want to do them.

3. On the Sofa

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No one wants to actually move the couch to get all the gunk that's underneath.

4. Getting Something Dirty

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Dirt is part of the natural order of things. You can't escape it.

5. Clothes Basket

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This is pretty gross, but also pretty accurate.

6. Hate Housework

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As soon as you're done cleaning, something else needs to be cleaned.

7. Why Take a Chance?

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It's better to be safe than to be sorry.

8. Dust is Protective

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That's why you don't want to remove it.

9. Superwoman

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Now that's a talented woman!

10. Cleaning with Kids

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Why clean something that's only going to get messy again?

11. Theory on Housework

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Don't stress yourself out over cleaning if no one even notices what your house looks like.

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