11 Silly Quotes for Ladies Who Hate Cleaning ...


11 Silly Quotes for Ladies Who Hate Cleaning ...
11 Silly Quotes for Ladies Who Hate Cleaning ...

Do you put off cleaning for as long as you can? If you do, then Good Housekeeping has some relatable quotes that you'll find hilarious. Here they are:

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Excuse the Mess

Excuse the Mess It's impossible to keep a house completely clean when there are actual people living in it.


Save the Earth

Save the Earth The dishes aren't exciting enough to make us want to do them.


On the Sofa

On the Sofa No one wants to actually move the couch to get all the gunk that's underneath.


Getting Something Dirty

Getting Something Dirty Dirt is part of the natural order of things. You can't escape it.


Clothes Basket

Clothes Basket This is pretty gross, but also pretty accurate.


Hate Housework

Hate Housework As soon as you're done cleaning, something else needs to be cleaned.


Why Take a Chance?

Why Take a Chance? It's better to be safe than to be sorry.


Dust is Protective

Dust is Protective That's why you don't want to remove it.



Superwoman Now that's a talented woman!


Cleaning with Kids

Cleaning with Kids Why clean something that's only going to get messy again?


Theory on Housework

Theory on Housework Don't stress yourself out over cleaning if no one even notices what your house looks like.

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The only job that people notice you haven't done ...lol

a ocd freak like me I relate but it pains me how much I have to

Totally relate. Which I could not clean and fell good about it...but alas, it's not meant to be.

To funny!



I'm a clean freak these don't apply to me but thanks for a good laugh!

Nice quotes 😘

Haha their all me !

These are so funny! Perfect timing too, its time to clean..ugh. -_-

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