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9 Clever Jokes about Men That Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman ...

By Holly

While it's wrong to think one gender is better than the other, there are clever jokes about men that will make you crack a smile. Some of them reinforce stereotypes that are clearly untrue, but they're good for a harmless chuckle. Here are some clever jokes about men to laugh at the next time a boy gets on your bad side:

1 What Makes a Man Have a Dinner by Candlelight?

"A power failure." Some men can be romantic, but most of them aren't exactly Romeos. This is one of the clever jokes about men that anyone with an unromantic boyfriend will enjoy. Maybe if you tell it to him, he'll get the hint, and whip up a fancy dinner complete with flowers, dessert, and of course candlelight

2 Why do Women Make Better Soldiers than Men?

"Because they can bleed for a week and not die." We deserve to get some credit for dealing with our periods every single month. While some guys live their entire lives without seeing blood, we're so used to the sight that it barely phases us.


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3 A Man Asked, “God, Why Did You Make Woman so Beautiful?” God Responded, ”so You Would Love Her.”

"Then the man asked, 'But God, why did you make her so dumb?' God replied, 'So she would love you.'” This joke makes fun of both men and women, so it creates a level playing field. Hey, you've got to be able to laugh at yourself, right?

4 For All the Guys Who Think a Woman's Place is in the Kitchen...

"...remember that's where the knives are kept." If someone expects you to make them a sandwich, they shouldn't be surprised if you return with a blade instead of a delicious treat.

5 What's the Most Common Sleeping Position for a Man?

"Around." If you've ever been with a cheater, then you know how true this statement is for some men. They just hate staying in one place.

6 How Many Men Does It Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

"One. He just holds it up there and waits for the world to revolve around him." People assume that men have huge egos, and sometimes they do. If you know a guy like that, then toss this joke at him and see his response.

7 What do Men and Mascara Have in Common?

"They both run at the first sign of emotion." Have you ever dated a guy that acted more like a robot than a human? There are some people who just can't handle a few tears or those three little words.

8 Why Are All Dumb Blonde Jokes One Liners?

"So men can understand them." Aren't you sick of all of the dumb blonde jokes you've been hearing? Well, it's time to fire back.

9 What's the Difference between a Man and E.T.?

"E.T. phones home." Sometimes, an alien can be better at communicating than your hubby. It's like he doesn't know how to dial.

As you know, not all men are the same, which is why these jokes are far from the truth. You might be lucky and have a man that's romantic, sensitive, and reliable. But even if you do, you can still appreciate the cleverness of these jokes. What's your favorite joke of all time?

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