7 Relatable Jokes about How Difficult It is to Be a Woman ...


Despite what people say, we all know being a girl is rough, which is why there are clever jokes about how difficult it is to be a woman. The media tries to persuade us to behave in a certain way, and dress in particular clothes, even though they claim that we should 'be ourselves.' If you've never realized just how much us gals have to struggle, then you should pay attention to these jokes about how difficult it is to be a woman:

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What Women Want

What Women Want Women are expected to do hundreds of different things. We have to act ladylike, but we're supposed to take charge in order to go far in our careers. We're supposed to look innocent, but be naughty when our mates want us to act that way. This is one of the best jokes about how difficult it is to be a woman, because everyone expects different things from us, and it's impossible to do them all.


Daily Struggles

Daily Struggles Every single month, we have to deal with the cramps that accompany our periods. Every time a baby is born, it comes out of a woman's body. Every time we step out in public, we're expected to be shaved from head to toe. Not only do we have to deal with the struggles that Mother Nature gives us, but we also have to scrape our nails until all of that glitter comes off. It's harder than it looks.


Double Standards

Double Standards When a man is strong, he is seen as a hardworking individual. When a woman is strong, some will call her the B word. Although times have changed, and women have more rights than they ever have before, some men still expect them to be tame and weak. Of course, we won't let that stereotype continue.


Period Pain

Period Pain Men will never understand how much pain we go through every month. They'll never have to deal with the sadness we feel when our favorite pair of jeans gets stained with blood, or deal with the emotional roller coasters we're forced to ride. Mother Nature just likes to mess with us.


Manly Messes

Manly Messes Men can be difficult to deal with, depending on whom you're talking to. Some of them hold traditional values, and treat women like they're inferior. Others will treat their girlfriends like princesses, but don't know the difference between highlights and lowlights. As much as we love them, it can be a hassle to deal with them.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Whether you're a man or a woman, you can relate to the feeling of loss. There will be days when you misplace everything, and nothing goes right. Of course, the worst is when you realize all of your money is gone, and you're the one who spent it all.


Does It Hurt?

Does It Hurt? Some men will ask their girlfriend if their period is really as bad as everyone claims it is. It's a question that no woman wants to hear, even though most men dare to ask it at some point in their life. They assume that we're being dramatic, because they will never be able to tell if we're lying or not.

Being a woman is hard work, but it's worth it. I mean, we get to wear sparkling dresses, cover our flaws with make-up, and make men drool, so it's not all bad. What do you consider the most annoying aspect about being a girl?

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Men don't have to shave. They can just comb their hair and be fine. The only thing we are lucky for is not having nuts that get kicked, but childbirth overcompensates for that!

yeah #4 is the best!! imagine it real

It is like when a women gets a cold we still have to go school or work. When a man gets a cold, he is laying on the couch having a woman wait on him.😜

Having to be objectified by man ..ogled by man ..and stupid women who play to it and give the rest a bad name ...we're people not objects

Just wanna say, bet you can try it out :p

These r hilarious!! Loved #4 histerical ☺️😊

I love this article so much. It says so much for women. I really like all these quotes. They are really good

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