7 Hilarious quotes from Ellen Degeneres about Life ...


Two of my favorite things are inspirational quotes about life and the Ellen show, so these quotes from Ellen Degeneres are simply perfection in my eyes!

Ellen is unbelievably inspiring, fascinating, and hilarious!

Check out these humorous quotes from Ellen Degeneres that are sure to make you laugh, while still managing to make you think about life.

1. Origins


What I love most about Ellen’s humor is how blunt and straightforward it is.

Of all the quotes from Ellen Degeneres, this has got to be the most direct.2

But it has a meaningful message behind the humor.

This quote reminds us that it doesn’t matter where we come from, as long as we acccept who we are and are tolerant of one another once we’re older.

2. Staying Active

Staying Active

I love that this quote begins on such a serious note, then quickly become funny!

But it’s important to read between the lines on this quote.

Essentially, Ellen is saying that living an active life is important, and will take you places you never dreamed of going!

You should stay active from the moment you can walk to the point where you physically can’t any more.

Who knows where you'll end up!

3. Changing


This sarcastic quote also gives great insight into our lives.

You change a lot throughout your life.

Just consider who you were in junior high, and compare that to who you are now!

You may be a completely different person now.

Additionally, this quote teaches me that, when people ask me questions, I should always respond as graciously and humorously as I can!

4. Having Fun

Having Fun

Ellen is known for having a blast on her show and in her life.

She’s never so serious that her fans feel uncomfortable, and she’s been a success and inspiration for years!3

That’s why she encourages living in the same manner.

No matter the time, place, or your age, always have fun!

If there isn’t a party, start your own!

No Judgement
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