7 Things We Tell Our Boyfriends and What We Actually Mean ...


We love our boyfriends, but we're not always completely honest with them.

We don't mean to lie, but it occasionally happens without us even realizing it.

We don't mean any harm--we're just expressing ourselves in the only way we know how.

Here are a few things that we commonly tell our boyfriends and what they actually mean:

1. Five More Minutes

Five More Minutes

Maybe we're telling him that we're only going to stay in bed for five more minutes.

Maybe we're telling him that we only need five more minutes to get ready.

Either way, it'll definitely be longer than that.

He should realize that five minutes doesn't actually mean the amount of time that a clock says.2

It's just a phrase.

2. He's Funny

He's Funny

When we meet his hot friend, we don't want to come right out and tell him that we find the guy attractive.

I mean, that would be rude and could cause unnecessary insecurity.

So when our boyfriend asks what we think of his BFF, we'll say that he's funny.

It'll show that we like the guy, but won't clue him into how attractive we find him.

3. You're Better

You're Better

Even if you never bring up his ex-girlfriend, he's eventually going to mention your exes.

He'll want to know who was the best kisser and who made you the happiest.

Of course, you're required to say that your current boyfriend is the best that there ever was.

It doesn't matter if it's a lie.

It's the only acceptable answer, so there's no way for him to tell if it's the truth.

4. You Don't Have to

You Don't Have to

When our birthday rolls around, we'll tell him that he doesn't need to bother to get us a gift.

However, if the day comes and he doesn't even have a card for you, you'll be pissed.

You only told him that he didn't need to buy a present so that he wouldn't feel obligated to get you one--you wanted him to do it because he WANTED to do it.

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