17 Baby Names That I Wouldn't Be Surprised to Hear in the Future ...


The baby names of the future are bound to be interesting. Even now we have unusual names like Blue, Java, and Coco. Judging by the crazy names we've already seen, it’s not that difficult to imagine what the baby names of the future will be like. Here are some of my best guesses:

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Anything Harry Potter related is a real possibility. There are so many diehard fans out there that your children are guaranteed to know at least one Hermione and a few dozen Harrys. These are the baby names of the future that you won’t be able to escape.



There are women named Candy, Apple, and Olive. Why stop naming babies after food? There are millions of choices out there. You can open up your fridge and come up with your child’s name. What’s more convenient than that?



When people run out of flowers and colors to name their kids after, numbers can be the next big thing. There are billions of them, so you’ll never run out of ideas. Of course, if you have multiple children and name them all numbers, they could start to sound like a herd of animals. Plus, their classmates might make fun of them, unless they’re named a number as well.



Children are named Brooklyn and London, so why can’t they be named other locations? You might know kids named Germany and Sweden in the future. There’s really no limit when it comes to baby names. We can only hope that parents control themselves when it’s time to write on the birth certificate.



We name our pets people names, so why can’t we name our children the names we used to reserve for pets? There are already people named Max and Buster, which are associated with dogs. A name is a name. There’s no reason it can be appropriate for one species and inappropriate for another.



Since North West was born, directional names are now a thing. There aren’t that many available, so your choices are limited. Of course, you could always think outside of the box and simply call your kid 'left’ or 'right.’ Unfortunately, pretty much anything you can think of is legal.



Spiritual names are a big thing. Melody, Hope, and Faith are all nice names. Of course, people will probably take it too far and start naming their children Friendship and Tranquility. While they roll off of the tongue, most people won't appreciate how beautiful they sound or how meaningful they are.



With any luck, no one will name their children after the trends we've seen lately. We don't need any kids called Hashtag, Twerk, or Selfie. Some words need to stay in the past.



With all of the hipsters around, someone is bound to be ironic when choosing their baby's name. Either that, or they're just a huge fan of Dirty Dancing. Either way, Baby will be a name that pops up eventually.



One of the main characters of the super famous Hunger Games movies, Katniss is sure to be popping up for little girls all over the place. Don't be surprised to hear that several girls in your child's class have the name. It'll probably show up on the Social Security list of popular names any day now.



With the sad passing of Nelson Mandela, it wouldn't be surprising to see the rise of the name Mandela. It's an easy way to honor such an influential figure in world history and many parents will want to show their support of his good works by making their child his namesake. Nelson may become just as popular.



Due to the new Pope in the Vatican, many parents are rediscovering the rage of the name Francis and all its variations. That includes Francesco, Frankie, Francie and Francine. Hard-core Catholics are sure to jump on the bandwagon, but we shouldn't think that a new Pope won't influence naming trends because it most definitely will.



There's no doubt that millions of parents across the world are going to give their little one the royal moniker, George. After all, if such a once popular name is perfect for the new arrival in London, shouldn't it be good enough for the common baby too?



In 2013, Latin-inspired names were all the rage due to the popularity of many soccer players. That trend is likely to continue with the name, Iker. It's the name of a famous and very well-known goalie from Spain. It sounds kinda cool, but it may not be as unique as you think.



It's one of the top names among celebrities with Channing Tatum, Anthony Kiedis and Cam Gigandet giving their daughters the name. It can also be spelled Everleigh, but no matter how you write it out, you're sure to see loads of little girls with this moniker in the years to come.



It really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? If someone on the West Wing named their baby Huckleberry, you can bet that parents on the search for something different will steal it. Of course, with so many parents thinking the same, it might not wind up all that different and it's bound to be seen in preschools across the nation in the next few years.



Fans across the world are sure to adopt the name Cora for their new little bundle of joy. That's because it's the name of one of the main characters on Downton Abbey, a television show that's taking the world by storm. It's simple and appealing too, so be ready to hear it all over the place.

Of course, not all outrageous baby names are bad ones. There are plenty of clever, inventive names that anyone would be lucky to have. What’s the craziest name you’ve ever heard? Did you like the sound of it, or did you think it was a little too far out there?

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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I'm Dutch and a name that's getting more and more popular in Holland is 'Splinter'...

I already know I girl named Manhattan. well technically her name is EmeleeManhattan. Yes all one word. Yet everyone calls her Emelee.

There already is someone named hashtag. And there's a girl in Egypt (I think it was Egypt) named Facebook.

I actually like Manhattan x)

We will see a lot of Harrys. But not only because of Harry Potter, but Harry Styles as well.

I'm sorry, but this is probably The worse post I've ever read on here. I mean, when have kids ever been named Twelve?? I can't imagine any of these names catching on ever in life

Already know two girls with the names love & baby both 21

There's some kid named Hashtag, poor thing.

i like some of the names

I actually associate the name "Buster" with rabbits because of the PBS Kids show "Arthur"

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