18 Bathroom Convos That Every Drunk Girl Has Had ...


The powder room is always an interesting place. I don't know what guys do in the bathroom, but there's a certain level of bonding in the women's room. Well, maybe “bonding” is the wrong word, but we're more inclined to talk, to ask for TP or tampons, and to generally interact with each other. The bathroom at a club or a bar, however, that's next-level. The girls tend to be tipsy in those bathrooms, which makes the whole experience kind of celebratory and often hilarious. It's all champagne bubbles and sisterhood, and as a result, we have the same silly, slurring conversations. Pee breaks and makeup checks have the potential to end in lifelong friendships!

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“Girl, I Love Your Nails!”

“Girl, I Love Your Nails!” This typically leads to volleying the same compliment back and forth, followed by an exchange of numbers – not personal numbers, though. Manicurists' numbers, usually.


“You're Sooo Pretty!”

“You're Sooo Pretty!” Tipsy bathroom convos are frequently full of compliments.


“No, of Course, I Don't Hate You!”

“No, of Course, I Don't Hate You!” Then again, imbibing spirits can also make us suspicious and paranoid.


“Can Someone Pass Me Some Toilet Paper?!”

“Can Someone Pass Me Some Toilet Paper?!” Happens every time, doesn't it? Trust in your sisters, though – unless you're calling for help in an empty bathroom, but don't worry, that never happens in a bar.


“Boys Are so Dumb.”

There will always be a girl with a broken heart in a bar bathroom. Always.


“Should We Take Another Shot?”

“Should We Take Another Shot?” And this is the question you should probably ask her because she needs it.


“I Just Made out with This Guy ... is He Cute?”

“I Just Made out with This Guy ... is He Cute?” Let's be honest. When you get to the make out stage, things are usually already a little blurry.


“Let's do Brunch Tomorrow!”

“Let's do Brunch Tomorrow!” Do you know why you want to have brunch tomorrow? Well, because you'll be too hungover for breakfast, of course, but also …


“We're Going to Be BFFs!”

“We're Going to Be BFFs!” Because now the girl applying her lipstick next to you at the sink is your bestie! You've bonded in the bathroom and now you are friends for life.


“Can You Hold My Hair?”

“Can You Hold My Hair?” This is not a fun moment for anyone, but the girl who steps up is a ride or die friend – even if you've never met before!


“Does Anyone Have a Tampon?”

“Does Anyone Have a Tampon?” Someone will always have a tampon for you. Or a pad. Something.


“Don't Cry...”

“Don't Cry...” Seriously. Some boy or girl is always making a girl cry in the bathroom. Mean.


“Ugh, This Line is so Long.”

“Ugh, This Line is so Long.” The line is never ending. It's because we're busy in there.


“Why is She Staring at Me like That?”

“Why is She Staring at Me like That?” Ever been in the lavatory when there's some bathroom beef going down? It's terrifying.


“You Two Are so Perfect Together!”

“You Two Are so Perfect Together!” Watch out for this convo. Somebody might just be scoping your boo.


“Can I Please Go Ahead of You? I'm about to Puke.”

“Can I Please Go Ahead of You? I'm about to Puke.” Ladies, always let this girl go ahead of you. She deserves some frontsies.


“I Love Your Top!”

Remember, compliments abound in the bathroom.


“do I Look Ugly?”

“do I Look Ugly?” No. The answer is always no. Tell the girl who asks you this that she is a goddess. Make her night.

What's the funniest conversation you've ever had when you're drunk and hanging out in the bathroom?

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