Clever Ways to Survive an Awkward Situation ...

By Holly

Clever Ways to Survive an Awkward Situation ...

If you're easily embarrassed, there are plenty of convenient ways to survive an awkward situation. You don't have to smile, and pretend like things are A-ok. You can succumb to your instincts, and treat the situation in a way that feels natural. Here are some ways to survive an awkward situation, so you never run out of options:

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1 Hide behind Your Phone

If you’re stuck in a room with someone you don’t want to have a conversation with, take out your handy dandy cell phone. You don’t have to bother your friends with lame conversation starters just so you look busy, so open up an app and pretend to type away. You can even play Flappy Bird or Angry Birds or look at pictures of a bird. Using your phone as an emotional shield is one of the easiest ways to survive an awkward situation. Hopefully the other person will have left the room by the time you look up.

2 Run as Fast as You Can

If you know an awkward encounter is on the horizon, run the other way. Of course, this will make things more awkward the next time you see them and they ask, “Hey, why’d you run away the other day?” In order to avoid this, just keep running. In fact, never stop.

3 Lie like a Rug

If a stranger thinks that they know you from somewhere, pretend that you remember them. Lying isn’t healthy, but it can sure save you from embarrassment. If you’re ever worried about what someone will think of your actual opinion, lie. If you want to leave a party early, lie. It’s the answer to all of your problems.

4 Never Leave Your Room

If you never interact with other people, you’ll never stand the chance of having an awkward moment. Play it safe and talk to people online. If things get awkward there, all you have to do is close the tab, and they’re out of your life forever. It’s much easier to hide away than face the world.

5 Have Snacks Handy

If you have food in your mouth, no one can expect you to speak. I mean, it’s rude to talk with your mouth full, right? If you’re in class and don’t want the teacher to call on you, stuff your face with chips or candy. To be extra safe, bring something chewy like taffy so it’ll take you a long time to finish it.

6 Master Your Confused Face

Never answer a question that will cause awkwardness between you and a friend. If your bestie asks you if you have a crush on their boyfriend, pretend to be confused. Act as if you don’t understand what she’s saying, and eventually she’ll leave you alone. She might get mad, but hey, you didn't have to answer her question.

7 Play Sleeping Beauty

If you’re walking downtown and see someone that you wish to avoid, take a seat on the sidewalk and pretend to sleep. As long as your eyes are closed, you can’t see each other. Plus, it’ll give you a chance to rest up a bit before the rest of your big day. It’s a win-win.

Some of these ideas may actually make the situation more awkward than it was in the first place. That being said, be cautious when actually employing these tactics. What’s the most awkward thing that’s ever happened to you?

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Y couldn't someone have told me this yesterday I would have dropped on the floor and pretended to sleep!

Is this a joke? This is the worst advice I have ever read. How about "smile and say hello with confidence, even if you're faking having any?"

This is probably my favorite blog post ever avoiding people is the way to go! Lol


Running away thé other direction is by far thé best

This is funny lol

This is avoidance and plain stupid advice that won't help you deal with the situation. Talk about problem solving!

All funny except #4 its no good to be anti-social like many of us in this generation!

People take things way too serious lmao

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