17 Crystal Clear Signs That You're an Old Millennial ...


17 Crystal Clear Signs That You're an Old Millennial ...
17 Crystal Clear Signs That You're an Old Millennial ...

There's a lot of dispute about who is part of the millennial generation. Everyone tends to think it only encompasses '90s kids, but many sources believe it also includes kids born throughout the '80s. What's that mean? It means that there are a lot of old millennials out there. How do you know if you are one? Besides feeling old and being a millennial, you can see if any of these signs ring true for you.

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You Didn't Get a Cell Phone until You Were 16 or Older

You might have been the first person in your group to get one, even. It was either a “high-tech” flip phone or a Nokia brick – but nothing beats that Snake game.


You Remember Watching the O.J Simpson Trial

By which I mean, you watched the actual trial when it happened, not the fabulous dramatization starring Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding, Jr.


AOL Was a Thing

Excuse me. AOL was the ONLY thing. AOL was the best thing. Long live AOL.


You WERE Going to Marry Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey, or Taylor Hanson

Well. I was going to marry Billie Joe Armstrong, but you get the idea.


Your Books Were Berenstain Bears, Baby-Sitters Club, and Goosebumps

Among others, of course, but these were the best books. You probably started your own version of the BSC, too.


Your Mom Hated Marilyn Manson

“Marilyn Manson is the embodiment of evil!” – your mom, probably.


You Got Your First Email in Middle School, but You Checked It Only Once Every Couple Days

I didn't even know how AOL profiles worked until my 30th creeper message.


You Waited Hours to Download One Song on Napster

Only for someone to pick up the phone right in the middle of it, usually. That made me so mad.


Then You Listened to It with Your Favorite Winamp Skin

Hands up if you had a boss collection of Winamp skins, by the way. I had all the Silverchair skins because Daniel Johns was bae.


You Watched Carson Daly on TRL after School

And both MTV and VH1 still played videos during the day! You didn't have to wait until the middle of the night!


You Took Your Portable CD Player on Family Road Trips

It skipped all the time, but you didn't have to participate in sing-alongs or vacation fights.


The Motorola Razr Was the Coolest Thing You'd Ever Seen

You loved it without reservation. You babied it. It made you feel so cool.


You Killed at Mario Kart

Not to mention every other Nintendo game, ever. If Mario starred in it, you beat it.


You Kept a Blog at Some Point

No. You kept a precursor to today's blogs. You had a LiveJournal, didn't you?


Kurt Cobain’s Death Affected You

Even though you were too young to attend a Nirvana concert. You were still devastated.


You Made Mix Tapes for Friends as a Teen

First came the mix tapes, then came the mix CDs … which were just bitches to get right.


In College, It Was Still Weird to Bring a Laptop to Class

Hell, you thought someone was cool if they brought in a PDA. (I had a PDA.)

Feel old yet? Whatever, we're the backbone of the millennial generation. We rule.

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I can relate to some of this, I'm a 1990 baby :D

Long live the generation that played Oregon Trail during school... Dysentery= Death

Haha so true

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