7 Priceless Fangirl Problems We've All Had to Deal with ...


If you’re obsessed with a band, show, or celebrity, you’ve suffered from fangirl problems. You start out by simply enjoying a show, and soon you have your favorite stars' birthdays and IMDb pages memorized. Even if they're thirty years older than you, it doesn't matter, because they're impossible to resist. Here are some of the biggest, most priceless fangirl problems most of us have suffered through:

1. Hiatus

If you’re a Sherlock fan, you’ve waited years and years for a new episode. If you’re in love with Fall Out Boy, you understand the deep desire for new concert dates. One of the biggest fangirl problems is that we have to wait for good things to come to us. Waiting a week for a new episode is one thing, but waiting months until a new season starts can be torturous. Well, at least there are always reruns.

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