17 Feelings Everyone with an Office Frenemy Has Had ...

Ah, the office frenemy – less than a friend, more than a colleague, not quite an enemy … but almost. Almost everyone has an office frenemy – if you don't, you probably are one. These coworkers are just kind of awful. One day they're friendly, interested, and uplifting, the next they're nasty, gossiping behind your back, and seemingly trying to destroy you – and yes, things can indeed get that melodramatic. Honestly, the typical office environment is just like high school, except you finally get paid for it. The office frenemy is like the Regina George of the workplace.

1. The Desire to Understand Them

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This is always one of the first steps. The first time you're treated to some epic frenemy behavior, your first impulse is to understand why your office frenemy is acting that way in the first place. Is she threatened by you? Does he perhaps have something going on in his personal life? Are you threatening her status as Queen Bee of the office?

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