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Whenever I’m feeling down, I find that the best remedy to a crummy day is a healthy run of my favorite Friends episodes. After all, laughter is the best medicine. The talented cast, relatable scenarios, and unforgettable punchlines never fail to turn my frowns upside down. If you find yourself wanting a chuckle, then you should watch these Friends episodes that will always make you roar.

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The One Where Rachel Tells Ross

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I’m listing this episode first because this is a unique case among all of the Friends episodes you’ve seen. I discovered a few years ago that a portion of the airport scene was re-filmed after the tragedy of 9/11. However, it has been posted some time back so fans of the show can view it in the intended mindset. You can see this never-before-seen footage on YouTube rather easily. It may only be four minutes long, but it’s the closest thing to a brand new episode that we can hope for!


The One with the Cop

The One with the Cop On Amazon at: amazon.com
Yes, this is that episode. The one that every Friends fan quotes when moving heavy furniture. I always say it. You probably say it,too. So, join me when I scream “Pivot!”


The One with the Football

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You know you’re a true Friends fanatic when you look forward to the “Gellerbowl” more than the Superbowl. Whether you love sports or hate it, this Thanksgiving themed episode gives the audience much to be grateful for. Ross and Monica reignite some sibling rivalry, Joey and Chandler battle for a woman's heart, Rachel discovers a new meaning to “go long,” and Phoebe wrestles with the art of huddling. In the end, the viewers are definitely the winners.


The One with Rachel’s Other Sister

The One with Rachel’s Other Sister On Amazon at: amazon.com
With these characters, it’s only logical to conclude that funniness is a genetic trait. It’s always a treat to witness the relatives of our favorite “friends.” My favorite appearance must be Rachel’s overly candid sister, Amy. Fun fact: Christina Applegate, who plays Amy Green, won an Emmy for her performance. She even scored herself another appearance in a later episode (which earned her another Emmy nomination, too)!


The One Where Rachel Has a Baby

The One Where Rachel Has a Baby On Amazon at: amazon.com
As I’m typing my list, I’m surprised how many of these episodes feature Rachel in the title! But this episode is insane. It’s a testament to the writers when they transform an experience as painful as childbirth into hilarity. Not only is it fantastic to see our favorite “lobsters” bring baby Emma into the series, but we get a surprise guest star appearance. Here’s a hint: “Oh. My. Gawd!”


The One with the Embryos

The One with the Embryos On Amazon at: amazon.com
The reason why I consider this to be one of my favorite episodes is because it marks a pivotal moment in the series. The hysterical “who knows whom” game further characterizes our quirky cast. Major living arrangements are at stake thanks to thrill of competition. Most importantly, the first member of the gang becomes pregnant! Friends isn’t the same after this episode, and I mean that in the best way possible.


The Last One

The Last One On Amazon at: amazon.com
I have a hard time listing this as the grand finale. But, objectively speaking, this episode has some of the best laughs, tensest twists, and the most “feels” a packet of thirty minutes has ever seen. It’s a shame that one of the best episodes of the series is the hardest one to watch. The bittersweet ending of ten fun years combined with the gloom of knowing there won’t be another episode still can’t bring down one of the best episodes in TV history!

Whether you need a laugh or simply have a half hour to kill, Friends is the best tool for that job. With ten seasons and over two-hundred episodes, I’m sure there are other fan-favorites. Did I miss any of your favorite Friends episodes?

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