7 Friends Episodes That Will Always Make You Roar ...

Whenever I’m feeling down, I find that the best remedy to a crummy day is a healthy run of my favorite Friends episodes. After all, laughter is the best medicine. The talented cast, relatable scenarios, and unforgettable punchlines never fail to turn my frowns upside down. If you find yourself wanting a chuckle, then you should watch these Friends episodes that will always make you roar.

1. The One Where Rachel Tells Ross

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I’m listing this episode first because this is a unique case among all of the Friends episodes you’ve seen. I discovered a few years ago that a portion of the airport scene was re-filmed after the tragedy of 9/11. However, it has been posted some time back so fans of the show can view it in the intended mindset. You can see this never-before-seen footage on YouTube rather easily. It may only be four minutes long, but it’s the closest thing to a brand new episode that we can hope for!