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If you've never listened to the show's podcast, then you should at least read tweets from Welcome to Night Vale. They write bizarre things that seem to make no sense, but can have deep meaning. Just like the podcast, the tweets are thought provoking and will make you question whether you should laugh or be disturbed. Here are some of the best tweets from Welcome to Night Vale:

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Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty If you don't think you're gorgeous, then think again. Stop looking in the mirror, and wondering how you should style your makeup. Instead, think about how amazing your body is. It's incredible that all of your organs and limbs and pores work together to make you the amazing girl you are. This is one of the tweets from Welcome to Night Vale that should make you appreciate yourself!



Nothing Children always want to be told that nothing is in the room with them, but adults always want someone in the room with them. Having nothing, although it is a mere concept, is the scariest thing to have. Everyone aims to have success, money, and friends. We're greedy creatures, but nothing is the one thing that we don't want.



Success You shouldn't think that you're any better than someone, due to your size, gender, or financial situation. This tweet aims to prove that there are different ways of looking at the world. To us, humans are the center of the universe. To ants, the only thing that matters is their own species. They don't know about our successes, so they don't value them.


Never Alone

Never Alone This makes you think about the universe in a completely different way. You may think you're alone, but you never are. You are surrounded by people, places, and things. It's hard to determine whether the thought is terrifying or comforting. Either way, it's interesting to think about.


Surprising Endings

Surprising Endings The original line is, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." This tweet plays on the line by ending it in a way that no one would expect. It teaches you to listen to everything, instead of assuming how something will end. It also questions reality. There are millions of questions about our own existence that are impossible to answer, and Welcome to Night Vale is unafraid of mentioning them.


Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks Can Be Deceiving This tweet suggests that it is impossible to know whom you really are. Instead of questioning yourself on a daily basis, and trying to decide what you want from life, you should accept that you're always going to be developing and finding out new things about yourself. The tweet also teaches you that looks can be deceiving. You could easily mistake an airplane for a star.


Gender Roles

Gender Roles This tweet sounds ridiculous, but think about it. There are so many things that men are expected to do and to refrain from doing. This tweet makes fun of the concept of gender roles. Why should one gender be treated any differently than another?

If you've never listened to Welcome to Night Vale, then you should check it out, because you're sure to get some laughs, and some thought provoking questions. You can listen to it for free at podbay.fm. Are you a fan of the podcast? What's your favorite joke from it?

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