9 Funny Replies for when the Teacher Calls on You ...

By Holly

9 Funny Replies for when the Teacher Calls on You ...

Don't you hate when the teacher calls on you when you don't know the answer? Not only is it embarrassing, but it can make you feel like you're not as smart as everyone else in the room. It's a crummy feeling that can make you dread coming back to school the next day. In order to avoid that sinking feeling, here are a few funny replies that you can use the next time that the teacher calls on you and you have no idea how to answer the question:

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Don't You Already Know?

Why is the teacher even asking you a question if she already knows the answer? It's pretty pretentious of her. She should just give the answer herself if she's as smart as she claims she is.


I Have Bigger Problems to Worry about

Don't feel bad about not knowing the answer to a silly math question. If your teacher asks you why you're unable to figure it out, just tell her that you have bigger problems in life. Math is at the bottom of your list.


I'm More Concerned with Why You Wore That Outfit

If your teacher asks you for the answer to a question, tell her that the bigger question is why she decided to wear those tacky shoes. Fashion may not be as important as intelligence, but it's still a big deal.


That's Not My Name

When the teacher calls your name and waits for an answer, just stare at her. Once things become awkward, you can tell her that the name she just called isn't your name. If it's still the first few weeks of classes, then she might think that she actually made a mistake and will check the seating chart. Of course, once she realizes it's actually you, she won't be all that pleased. But it will buy you some time to think of the right answer.


Hold on. Let Me Ask Siri

You're always going to have your phone on you, so what's the difference if you're the one giving the answer or if Siri is? You two are one in the same.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

I Don't Bother to Learn Things I'll Never Use in Life

If you really want to annoy your teacher, this is the line you should use. You've probably heard a student ask a teacher when they're going to use certain material later on in life. The answer is "never," but no teacher is willing to admit that, or they'd be out of a job.


Please Leave a Message after the Beep

When you're called on, you should just repeat the answering machine message that's on your phone. Make sure to give a long "beeeep" once you're finished talking.


I Plead the Fifth

If criminals can refuse to answer a judge, then it should be okay for students to refuse to answer their teachers. After all, it's a free country.


I Can't Answer That without a Lawyer Present

This is another line that goes along with the former one. If you aren't sure how to answer a question, then you don't actually have to guess what the right answer is. You can just force the teacher to ask someone else.

Obviously, these things will get you in trouble, which is why you should probably only say them in your head. What's the funniest thing you've ever heard a student say to a teacher?

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I do not approve. Teachers have to deal with so much shit


How disappointing. What a stupid article and waste of a "writer's" talent.

So pleading to the fifth every day from now on

This is a great for a student to get in trouble esp depending their age! Not good advice. Unless the class is having a comedy night then the student can answer like this

why is chili called chili if it is hot

People, read the last sentence. She was joking, stop judging everything, people like you encourage other people to stop doing entertaining things.

Chill, I'm in highschool and I don't see what's wrong with reading a funny article in the funny column. Do you really think so low of society and its youth that we would actually use these JOKES in real life. If anything the common doubt of youth and rude remarks to a writer trying to make someone smile is the real issue here. So stop being rude, and grow a funny bone, if not then don't comment if u had nothing nice,mor respectfully critical for the writer.

Yeah nobody bothered to read the bottom few sentences.

Stop taking life so serious, You all sound like a bunch of PRUDES! ! 😂😂