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Let Garfield Convince You to Get a Little Lazy ...

By Holly

You'll love reading Garfield inspired quotes, because this cartoon kitty is the original grumpy cat. He hates mornings and he loves being lazy, which are universal qualities. He's just like you and me, so you're sure to adore him. Here are some of the best Garfield inspired quotes that you can steal the next time you're in a grumpy mood:

1 Moody Mornings

Moody Mornings It's nice to be up early and have an entire day ahead of you, but it's not fun to hear that alarm go off. When you're having a sweet dream about your celebrity crush and ringing interrupts an imagined kiss, all you want to hit snooze and go back to dreamland. This is one of the Garfield inspired quotes that you'll remember the next time you have to wake up before noon.

2 Occasional Naps

Occasional Naps Naps can leave you feeling crankier than you were before you took them. Of course, they're still tempting, because who doesn't love to sleep? If you have a few minutes or hours before your next class starts, close those pretty eyes and take a life pause. You might wake up with bags under your eyes and a sniffly nose, or it might actually give you the energy you needed for the rest of the day.

3 Exercise Avoidance

Exercise Avoidance Some people claim that exercise is fun, but most of us know the truth. Why would you want to work out when you could lounge on your couch with some chips and a soda? Your body won't be happy with you in the future, but it'll be pretty happy in the present.

4 Bedtime Blues

Bedtime Blues If you're not a morning person, don't feel bad about your moodiness. Most of us need a cup of coffee, or a few naps, before we are peppy enough to start our day. It's hard to pop out of bed feeling like you're on top of the world. Give it a few hours and you're sure to be happier.

5 Active Imaginations

Active Imaginations Who wants to work out their arms when they can strengthen their brain muscles instead? There's nothing wrong with a little daydreaming (as long as you're not doing it while you're supposed to be listening in class). It can turn a bland, boring day into an exciting one, even if all of the action is occurring in your mind. It's better than nothing, so let your imagination run wild.

6 Deathly Diets

Deathly Diets Would you rather eat salad for every meal, or a big plate of lasagna? Garfield's not the biggest fan of eating healthy, because all of his favorite foods are packed with calories. Of course, those pesky calories shouldn't stop you from eating what you love. It's all about moderation, so watch what you eat, but don't punish your stomach with strictly healthy food.

7 Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine Consumption Some people can go their entire lives without having a single sip of coffee, but others need caffeine in order to survive. It gives you the little kick you need to get through the rest of a dreadful day. Even if your friends ditch you and your grades drop, you'll always have coffee there to cheer you up.

There's nothing wrong with being grumpy like Garfield. He's so lovable because he's just like us. What's your favorite Garfield moment?

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